PUBG Mobile: Use Drones to Fly Cars in Cold Front Survival Mode

PUBG Mobile is again going on discussions because of the new Cold Front Survival mode in the game. Tencent has recently brought a brand new mode that is all about surviving in the coldest weather of Vikendi. In this mode, you drop in extremely cold weather of Vikendi. Earlier this mode was came to known as the arctic mode.

But besides finding and killing enemies, players also need to kill animals, collect meats as their food, set fire, cook your foods, and eat them to stay warm. Players are also facing the harsh and cold storm that will reduce their health in time. So, in order to survive, they are also provided with a mini lamp that keeps you warm that prevents you to get cold and lose your health.

However, PUBG Mobile not stops here. They have also introduced a brand new flying device that is going very much viral on the Internet. Yes, the it is a drone and we can use this drone for many purposes. Besides flying it all around, we can use drones to aspect enemies or look around for things that we need. But Did you know that we can use drones to fly cars?

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How to Use Drones to Fly a Car in Cold Front Mode

Tencent introduced the new flying device called Drone in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Mode in 16th April, apart from all the other features of the new mode, the drone is getting very popular among the players because of its unique uses. Yes, the players have discovered an unique uses which is to make a car fly with Drones.

To Fly a car, you need to Find a Drone First, then fly the drone with remote. To fly a drone, just open your backpack and tap on the drone icon and then tap on Use.

find drone

Now, very slowly move the drone into the car. Also, you should look that the drone must be in the centre of the Car.

PUBG Mobile: Use Drones to Fly Cars in Cold Front Survival Mode 1

While you are finished setting the drone below to the car’s hood then start flying the drone upward very slowly. If the drone is not set in the center then the car will slip and fall. So, we must take care that the drone is set in the center.

place the drone in center

Now if the drone is in the center then you Should be able to fly the car all the way up in the sky and fly it in the open air freely.

properly fly a car by using drone in cold fron survival mode

Pro Tip: You can Use Two drones to fly the car securely. Using two drones will balance the car at it best and you will be able to fly your vehicle properly.

Final Words: People are having a lot of fun with the new Cold Front Survival Mode. Find More Tips and Tricks and more uses of drones to survive and get the chicken dinner from our other posts.

PUBG Mobile is like emotion to the Indian Players. They often make a big moment for this game. Thousands of memes, quotes, jokes, moments, and other content from PUBG Mobile is overwhelming the web and the game lovers are enjoying a lot. Recently, after the drone came, it is being used so very much and also the players are getting perfectly entertained. Those who don’t know, there are some other uses of drones. You can use drones to blast enemies and also can aspect their position in real-time. Isn’t it cool? To know more about drones check our new blog posts about PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Mode.

So, here was how you can use drones to fly cars in Cold Front Survival Mode, I hope you like it, also please share this tip with your friends to let them know.

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