PUBG Mobile: How to Unlock “2gether We Play” title in 3 Simple Steps

PUBG Mobile recently introduced a new game title called “2gether We Play“. As we all know that yesterday, PUBG Mobile celebrated its second anniversary and after that event, now players can see some other players having a new title on their head which is “2gether We Play”. This new title of PUBG Mobile can be achieved very easily.

The new title of 2nd anniversary can be unlocked by completing a puzzle introduced in-game. We all need 10 Puzzle pieces first to get the title. And today I am going to tell you briefly about how we can get the brand new title “2gether We Play” in 3 simple steps.

3 Simple Steps to unlock "2gether We Play" title in PUBG Mobile

As I already mentioned, we all need 10 of the puzzle pieces to unlock the new title. After collecting the puzzle pieces, you can follow the below steps to unlock your “2gether We Play” title-

First of all, find and collect the 10 pieces of puzzles required to unlock the title. 
unlock "2gether We Play" title in PUBG Mobile​
Then go to the new “2gether We Play” event section on the lower right corner of your PUBG Mobile lobby.
unlock "2gether We Play" title in PUBG Mobile

Look at the left side corner and you will see the title button appearing. Just click on it to open the puzzle and your collected puzzle pieces.

unlock "2gether We Play" title in PUBG Mobile

From, here you will look on what you have to collect in the classic Erangel matches.

And after you collect all the 10 required pieces of the 2nd Anniversary’s “2gether we play” puzzle, you will see a collect button on the bottom.

See, how easy it is to unlock the new title but before that where do we find those puzzles?

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How to Find Puzzle Pieces to unlock "2gether We Play" title

Yes, we need to collect 10 of the Puzzle from the game. Players need to play mini-games. These mini-game machines can get you puzzle pieces. Every time you get a puzzle piece, it gets stored in your inventory. You can simply go for your title after collecting all 10 of them.

Important: Players should remember that all the game machine doesn’t give puzzle pieces. There are two types of mini-games, go only for the puzzle machine to collect the puzzle pieces. So, collect more game coins and go for the right machine that gives you the Puzzle pieces required for unlocking the title.

3 ways to get more mini-game coins

Also, we need game coins to play games and collect those puzzle pieces to unlock the new title. These 3 ways can get you more mini-game coins-

1. All the players come into the lobby with 2 mini-game coins. Don’t use them save it for the game.

2. All the bots use to carry mini-game coins. Don’t forget to collect.

3. As the game coins are not a rare items. So, there is a 90% chance that your enemy will have the coins. Collect from them too.

Final Words: Collect mini-game coins as much as you can. It will increase the possibility of getting puzzle pieces. Only use the Puzzle Machines, not the mini-game machines. After collecting all the puzzles go to the event and unlock the new title. Cheers!

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