How To Train and Master Gyroscope Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a very successful mobile game of 2020. With over 400 million downloads, almost every youngster plays PUBG Mobile. However, this online battleground game has become very competitive. Almost every player is learning to play the game, and they also trying to be the best in every possible way.

So, did you ever wanted to become the best gyroscope user and get the chicken dinner with 10-15 kills? Many pro PUBG players use gyroscope sensitivity for their pro game play. Their aiming accuracy and reflect times are so good. They also get almost no recoil by using Gyroscope.

So, are you using Gyroscope too? If not then you should get the best gyroscope setting from here. But just setting up the sensitivity won’t get you anywhere. A perfect gyroscope training session is very necessary to perform like a pro player, and in this article, you will learn how to train and master gyroscope in PUBG Mobile.

Mastering Gyroscope for 0 recoils is not easy, you have to do some hard work and train yourself beyond the limit to get a no recoil control in PUBG Mobile.

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How to Train and Master Gyroscope Sensitivity for no Recoil

Becoming a master in controlling PUBG Mobile’s Gyroscope feature is a hard task. All you need to do is train your skill and learn you to use or tilt the phone to adjust the aim while using gyroscope sensitivity. and today I am going to talk about how to do the training in a better way.

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Understand Gyroscope

understand Gyroscope

Understand the Movement in the Training room

understand gyroscope movements training

The training room is the best way to get the idea to understand gyroscope. This will also get the idea of your sensitivity set up and let learn how to move the phone around to get the target under the ADS or crosshair. Enter in PUBG Mobile training room, choose your gun and practice and train yourself to get a hold of your fingers according to the new gyroscope sensitivity setting.

Play TDM Matches or Mini Matches

mini match with gyroscope

The training room is just to understand the gyroscope. Now, you have to train yourself in real. Most of the pro players use the TDM matches for their training these that. You can hide them and expect an enemy to come and attack him with better accuracy. In this way, you will learn with every mistake which is not going to happen in War Mode because enemies come from all sides in War Mode. War Mode is better for normal training.

Also, you can use, mini maps or Zombie Mode. Zombie modes also one of the best choices to practice Gyroscope because zombies are predictable and perfect dummies to aim at. They move they come to attack and they come in many. So, in this mode, you must have to move your fingers fast that will allow you to learn even faster and in an accurate way.

So, here are all the tips to train for Gyroscope. Use these 3 tips and tricks to master gyroscope sensitivity in PUBG Mobile and get some real chicken dinner. Good Luck!

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