Sudip Sarkar Free Fire โ€“ Who is Sudip Sarkar, ID, UID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel

Sudip Sarkar is an infamous Free Fire content creator in India and he got a total subscriber of 1.23 million and the view for his video clips are moreover higher than his subscribers it reached 24 million views. He grabs 4.82 K/D ratios in the squad match mode of the ongoing ranked season matches.

Who is Sudip Sarkar

He is the YouTube channel content creator in the Free Fire community industry. And his YouTube Channel name is the same as his name Sudip Sarkar (gaming). The logo of his channel stands out from the other Free Fire Players channel.

He started his YouTube channel on January 7th 2015 with fewer subscribers but now it moves to millions of subscribers its all because of his unique and idle gameplay technique. And his fan followers also slightly increased from 2015.

Sudip Sarkar Face

His Salary and real face we did not confirm from the Social Media network but from our view of his average earnings is comparatively near to 1 crore per year.

Sudip Sarkar ID Number

sudip sarkar free fire id number

Sudip Sarkarโ€™s Free Fire ID number is โ€œ97653930โ€ and his Imagine gaming network name is SUDIP SARKAR. And he is in the guild team as the leader and maintains his rating from that also.

Free Fire ID(UID)97653930
YouTube ChannelSudip Sarkar, Sudip Sarkar Live
Popular YouTube ChannelSudip sarkar(Have 1.23 Million Subscriber)
Income/Monthly(Approx)5 lakhs โ€“ 8 lakhs

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Gamers Point Info

Gaming Profile

Lifetime Stats:Stats nothing but it shows a number of wins and kills rates include with the solo, dud, and squad categories.

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In solo: Sudip Sarkar played 1198 total matches, and he celebrated booyahโ€™s 110. He has killed 2927 and one notable thing in this kill part is he got max kill in the categories of matches because of his idle technique of game-play. From this solo mode, he has a K/D ratio of 2.69.

In dud: Sudip Sarkar has played a total number of matches is 1222 and his victories count is 154 for this whole grabs of grade his total kills is 3083(kills) and he also maintains the K/D ratio of 2.89.

In Squad: Sudip Sarkar has played a total match of 27536, from that total matches he got the booyah! Matches of 8425 and he maintains the win rate of 30.63%. And he grabbed the K/D ratio of 5.44 with his kills count of 103829(kills), and he included max damage of 1410 per match.

Sudip Sarkar Free Fire Ranked Stats

He has played total matches of 584 and has 106 wins in the ongoing ranked season matches. From this, all matches are equal to the win percent of 18.15 and he has a massive of 2302 kills, with the kill ratio or K/D ratio of 4.82.

He played 58 duo matches in this ranked season and he made 5 winning matches. He has 188 kills in this mode with a K/D ratio of 3.48. Same like the duo mode he played solo matches also with total matches of 15.

Clash Squad

In Ranked season 3, they conduct clash squad and he is located Heroic Tier and his total gameplay is 72, and his average rated games are 57 matches. By this, he maintains the KDA of 4.37.

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Note: The stats we mention is just for reference it taken from some other detailed notes about Sudip Sarkar and stats will be changing as per player play more games in Free Fire matches.

Sudip Sarkar’s YouTube Channel

His YouTube Channel has reached total subscribers of 1.23 million and his uploaded video clip views max to 24 million. It does not come easily and we move to the back of his videos in 2019 and from 2019 his subscribers slightly increased because of his idle playing technique. But now he uploaded a total video of 221 and his monthly subscribers are almost 118 k.

sudip sarkar youtube channel logo free fire

Sudip Sarkar โ€“ Started in 7 Jan 2015 and now total Subscriber is 1.37 Million.
Sudip Sarkar Gaming Channel Link โ€“ Click Here

Popular Videos in Sudip Sarkar YouTube Channel

The most viewed is โ€œLEVEL UP 90 ๐Ÿ˜ตQNA WITH TOP 1 HIGHEST LEVEL PLAYER OF INDIA ICE-COLD FFโ€ have 2.2 Million Views.