Best SmartGaGa emulator settings for Free Fire

SmartGaGa is an android emulator that allows us to play android games on PC. So many people have been using the SmartGaGa android emulator to play the Free Fire game. If you are one of them then you might want to change the settings for the best gameplay. 

Many of us play games in normal settings which is not appropriate. Today we are here with the best SmartGaGa Emulator settings for Free Fire players.

Before we start with our best SmartGaga settings guide for Firee Fire, I just want you to know that making posts is quite hard work. So, please appreciate our website and go for the affiliate link to buy anything from Amazon.

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As I have already mentioned that, SmartGaga is a very efficient and optimized emulator but to experience the best possible performance with this emulator, you have to analyze it’s settings and set up the best possible settings for the SmartGaga android emulator.

In this SmartGaga settings guide. we are going to walk you through the basic settings, advance settings, and the key mapping settings for the Free Fire game.

Basic PC Emulator Settings

Basic Settings means I am talking about your PC settings. Before you run your Smartgaga android emulator on your PC, you have to get sure that your PC is not running in Low configuration.

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To set your PC performance at it’s high, go to the control panel and search for power options. There you can see it is set up on low or medium settings. Put it on High performance and you are good to go.

Also, if you are using an old PC then you surely can do much more optimization to your PC to get a better gaming performance and higher FPS. Check how to Optimize Old PC to get higher gaming performance.

best smartgaga advanced setting for free fire

SmartGaGa Advanced Settings

Well after you are done optimizing your PC, now you have to play with some advanced settings of the SmartGaga emulator.

To get into the advanced settings, open your SmartGaga emulator, and look for the Configuration options. There you can see the tab called ‘Advanced’.

Click on the advanced tab and you will see some settings like Resolution, CPU, and Ram. You have to set these options according to your exact PC specification.

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Resolution Settings

Free Fire is not a high-resolution game. If you want to play Free Fire on its full potential resolution on the SmartGaga emulator then you can put the resolution settings to 720*1280(320dpi).

You can also use Tablet mode on the resolution according to your PC resolution.

It will set up your game resolution at its pick and you will get a better and optimized performance in SmartGaga.

RAM Settings

RAM set up is also important for your emulator to perform well. After setting up the CPU, go to the RAM section and set it up to 1024M if your system has 2 GB RAM.

After you set up the Ram, you will see other options like Renderer, Playback, and microphone. These options are not important for your performance but you can still go through these settings and change if you want.

After these advanced settings. the next thing we are going to do is fix is the Keymapping for Free Fire.

If you are using Gameloop Emulator and you are facing Control issues, then you can check How to Fix Free Fire Controls.

SmartGaga Keymap Settings

To work with the SmartGaga keymap settings, you have to open the Free Fire customer HUD section first.

Open Free Fire, head to the settings> Control settings> Custom HUD. Now, after you enter Custom HUD, don’t make any changes here, just click on the little icon (finger with keypad), and you will see these options.

Select each option and set it up on your screen as you need them to be. You can watch the picture for a better understanding of Smartgaga keymap settings for free fire.

Tip: If you think your virtual ram is less in your PC. Then increasing virtual Ram can also help you to fix those lags and give you a good performance while playing Free Fire or any other game. So, if you want to increase your virtual ram of your PC then the easy way to that in an Intel PC is to active virtualization widows.

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First, turn ‘OFF‘ your PC and then turn it ON.

Press the ‘Delete‘ button while turning it on to go to the bios.

Access to configuration settings and then look for Virtualization settings.

After turning it ON, press F10 or save and exit.(your bios command may be different).

Note: Changing settings for SmartGaGa in the system bios is not for the kids. Please do this at your own risk.

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