PUBGM Red Packet Event: How to win Golden Helmet, Airpod, and Gift Cards

PUBG Mobile Corp wishes you a Happy Lunar New Year with gifts and rewards. As we all know that 25th January is a New year on the Chinese calendar. On this occasion, Recently, the game has brought a brand new event called Red Packet Event. The craziest thing is you can win a Golden Helmet, Airpods, and Gift Cards from this Event. The Red Packet event will be live on 24th January which the day after tomorrow, and it will last for only 4 days. So, today I am going to tell you every detail about the PUBGM Red Packet event and how exactly you can participate in this event to win exclusive rewards like Golden helmet, Airpods, Gift cards, and more.
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Red Packet Festival: In Chinese or some other Asian countries, a red envelope or a red packet is very important and special(known as Hóngbāo in Chinese). It is said that the red packet brings happiness. So, to celebrate their holidays or occasions like weddings, festivals and New Year, people give each other money or other gifts in these red packets. It is a monetary gift from the Chinese Elders to their relatives and children. Outside of China, similar customs have been adopted across parts of Southeast Asia and many other countries with a sizable ethnic Chinese population.

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What is the PUBG Mobile Red Packet Event?

As of the Chinese tradition, PUBGM Corp and Tencent Games are giving away the Red Packets to all of their players on this Chinese New Year occasion. Players will get their chances to collect these red packets from the game to claim their amazing rewards like real Golden Helmet, and Apple Ipods. PUBG Mobile also shared a post on their twitter handle and wished the Lunar New Year 2020 to everyone.

.@PUBGMOBILE is having their Lunar New Year event starting today! Check it out! #winnerwinnerluckytogether #pubgmspringfest

— Rolex (@Rollexxx_) January 21, 2020

PUBGM Red Packet event will be live from 24th January to 28th January. In this time period, there are some red packets that will occur on your PUBGM game lobby and all you have to do is to collect them. Every player may collect up to 5 of the red packets every day. According to PUBG Mobile, the red packets will occur on your lobby screen for half an hour and players need to be online to collect them in time.

Remember that only 24th January has an extra Card Dropping which means the card dropping session will occur two times on the first day of the event.

How to check Event Time?

Each country has a unique time period for this event. On the first day of the event, which is 24th Jan, the red packets will drop two times. The first dropping is a special drop which has a special time period. The worldwide time for the special drop is UTC from 15.30 to 16.00. In the case of India, the first special drop will occur from 9 PM to 9.30 PM (21:00-21:30).
And the regular droppings will occur on UTC 12:00 to 12:30(24th Jan-28th Jan). This means the red packets will occur in the game lobby from 5.30 PM to 6 PM in India. If you are from any other country, you can check the picture to figure it out or you can visit this link and look out for everything else.
PUBG Mobile Red packet event
The official site of PUBG Mobile has a full-time table for this event. Just go to PUBG Mobile Site> scroll down to Prospering Spring. Click on Red Card below and then Event Period. You can check every country time table from here.

Red Packet Rewards

The Red Packet event has 3 major reward cards which are Golden Card, Silver Card, Bronze Card. After collecting the red packets you need to go to the inventory and open them. If you get one golden card you will win a real golden helmet. If you get the silver one from your cards then you will win a real Airpod, and the last one is the bronze card which is for the 20 dollar gift cards(Apple store/Play store). There are three other in-game rewards too. Yes, the packets also have crate cupon, bp coins, and silver fragments in it.

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How to win Golden Helmet, Airpod, and gift card

  • First of all, you need to open your PUBG Mobile game and stay in your lobby from 9 PM to 9.30 PM on 24th January. Also, there will be a second drop from 5.30 PM to 6.00 PM (every day of the event).
red packet spawning photo figure
  • You will see Red cards on your screen just tap on the cards to collect them. Everyone can collect only up to 5 cards in each day.
Everyone can collect only up to 5 cards in each day
  • Every time you collect your card, go to inventory, and open them and see what you have found. In the case of Bronze cards, gift cards will be sent to you on your in-game mail.
If you win Gold or Silver card then you need to contact PUBG Mobile customer service provider and tell them about your card. You have to do this before 28th January. They will contact you for your shipping address right after that. Provide your shipping address to receive the physical reward. Happy Lunar New Year 2020.

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Final Words: PUBG Mobile Red Packet will be live on 24th January. Don’t forget to be online in the game to participate in the event and collect your Red packets. I gave an explanation to how you can use the red packets to win real golden helmet, Airpod, 20 dollar gift card, and other in-game items. Good Luck!!!

Thanks for your Support!!!

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