PUBG PC to get new 8V8 TDM Mode soon, What about the PUBG Mobile version?

What can we expect from the most famous Battle Royale Game? The PlyerUnknown’s Battleground(PUBG) is all set to release another new update in the game. Unlike the old TDM mode, this time the game is going to get more intense. With the team of 8, players are going to get more action, more fight, and more PUBG in the new upcoming 8v8 Team Deathmatch mode.

PUBG PC to get new 8V8 TDM Mode soon

PUBG PC 6.2 update is now live on test servers and the update shows a brand new 8v8 TDM mode, which will be coming soon on live servers. This new mode will be available in-game around March or so.

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This new TDM fight begins in small randomly selected circles with 2 teams of 16 players, 8 players in each team, and it is nothing like the old classic TDM  from 2018.

PUBG PC to get new 8V8 TDM Mode
Because of the more intense situations, this new mode is set to take place in little big areas. There are 7 chosen places from all the 4 maps  Players will see 7 random places as their fighting arena in 8v8 TDM mode. These areas will be in a small circle which are (Stalber and Sosnovka Military Base), Sanhok (Paradise Resort and Docks), Vikendi (Podvosto and Peshkova), and Miramar (Campo Militar). There will be nothing like an extra TDM map in this new update.

8v8 TDM Maps-

As I said, the 8v8 TDM has some areas chosen from different maps. 7 random areas are chosen for this new mode which are-
Sosnovka Military Base
Paradise Resort
Campo Militar
Sosnovka Military Base

Other rules of 8vs8 Team Deathmatch Mode

  • There will be 16 players in one match having 8 players in each team.
  • Like the old TDM mode, this mode has a different health regeneration feature. Your health will be regenerated according to your Boost Gauge. Yes, there will be a new boost meter like the one you see after using any boost in classic matches. This boost gauge will fill up automatically when you manage to kill an enemy.
  • Also, the new TDM mode has a time limit of 10 minutes. Players can complete the match by taking 50 total kills and win the game.
  • Players will get BP points for winning the match but there will not be any Survival XP points
rules of 8vs8 Team Deathmatch mode in PUBG

Apart from all these, PUBG PC will bring some more new stuff with this upcoming 6.2 update. Players will see some new features and guns. There will also be some differences in damage points and gun recoils.

The players of the PC version seem to be very excited once again. They have had their joy for the new Karakin map recently. However, the big question is What about the PUBG Mobile version? Are the PUBG Mobile players will get this update too?

What about the PUBG Mobile version, 8v8-game?

According to India TV Tech Desk, this new model will not come in the mobile version. As it already seems, the 4v4 TDM is already very hit in the game. The mobile version has two different modes for 4v4 TDM(arena training and classic TDM).

Also, the fact is, PUBG Mobile never had a team of 6 or 8 players in the game. Things are going to be messy if there are more than 4 players in one team.

Another point is, the new TDM mode is only coming with first-person shooter mode. So, the new 8v8 Team Deathmatch mode has a very low possibility to come in the PUBG Mobile version.

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