PUBG Mobile’s Worst Guns: Ump-45, Thompson, Win-94, Mk 47 Mutant, and more

Useless guns like UMP-45, MK 47 Mutant, etc are the worst gun we can find in PUBG Mobile game. Players always try to use these guns and end up dying in a gunfight. Just because they don’t know about these guns and their disadvantages. So, which are the PUBG Mobile’s worst guns ever? Let’s talk about why these guns are the most useless guns in PUBG Mobile.
Ump-45, Thompson, Win-94, Mk 47 Mutant, R1895, M16A4| Why these are bad
PUBG Mobile is a great game to play on Mobile phones. It is an FPS game with many amazing Guns, Characters, features, Skins, etc. In a game like this, Guns are very important and people always go for the best guns in a shooting game. If you don’t have the best gun, and instead of that, you are carrying one of the worst guns then you will surely die and lose the game. So, to make sure you get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Check Why these 6 Guns are the worst guns in PUBG Mobile.

Top 6 Worst Guns in PUBG Mobile?

There are many different kinds of guns we can find in PUBG Mobile but there are some that are very bad, uncomfortable, and never easy to use. I call it the worst guns of PUBG. I have checked all the guns and decided to make a list. So, this is the list of top 6 worst guns you can find in PUBG Mobile game.

  1. Ump-45
  2. Thompson SMG
  3. Win-94
  4. Mk 47 Mutant
  5. R1895
  6. M16A4
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We are talking about which guns are the worst in PUBGM and also give you the info. about how these are considered as worst. As these guns have a negative impact on a gunfight and loads of disadvantages against the other guns in PUBG Mobile, the first worst gun we have the UMP-45.

1. UMP-45

This is a newly upgraded version of UMP-9. This gun runs on 45ACP ammo. There are a total of 4 attachments with its suppressor, extended magazine, scope up to 6x, compensator.
This gun can shoot up to 30 without extended mag and 40 with an extended mag. 
Now the question arises why this is in the worst categories in PUBGM because the power and voice are changed by PUBG that is very bad. As we love the voice of UMP-9. If its voice doesn’t change then I think is not in the worst categories. 
Now the power of UMP-45 is low as compared to UMP-9. If you are using this gun you have to shoot for a long time to knock down your Enemy.

2. Thompson SMG

This is another gun in PUBG Mobile selected for the worst category. 
Basically, this is a Submachine gun. This works on white ammo of 0.45 hcp. If you play PUBG this gun can be easily found in almost every house. let’s talk about attachments it is hard to say you found only one attachment i.e, Extended mag.

Why this is in the worst category?

1. No scope can be attached to this gun. Also, the iron sight is bad. 
2. Only 10 ammo can be shooted at a time
3. Recoil time is about 2 sec in this timing the enemy kills you and goes away.
4. Short-range having low power can knock a person when the enemy is without a helmet the only headshot can knock the enemy.

3. Win-94

Full name of Win-94 is Winchester Model 1984
This is a haunting rifle found in SANHOK, MIRAMAR, VIKENDI, in PUBGM. 
Now attachments with Win-94 are Bullets loop of the sniper.
Lever-action rifle.

Why Win-94 is worst in PUBG?

1. The power of this gun is very low it can kill your enemy when they don’t have a Helmet with them. But you have to shot a minimum of 5 bullets.
2. No scope attachment can make it a short-range rifle and the power is also low. So it just shows you where you are when you make fire.
3. Reloads time is about 2 sec when your super steady then you can live in front of your enemy otherwise no chance.

4. Mk 47 Mutant

This is an assault rifle and can not be easily found in Erangle, Sanhok, Miramar.
Ammo used in this gun is 7.62 mm having 20 rounds capacity.
Mostly found in Drops in PUBGM.
Capable of 2 rounds fired.
You can attach up to 8x scope.

Why this gun is in the worst categories?

1. This is not an automatic gun if you can click too faster then it can help otherwise dead.
2. Stability is bad when you attached a scope with it. 
3. Power is low as compared to any other Snipers. That’s why not preferred to be good


Basically, this is a Pistol. This pistol runs on 7.62 mm bullets. This gun is a single shotgun.  You can use this pistol only for short-range. 

Why this is the worst gun in PUBGM?

1. Reload time is extremely high. 
2. No extended magazine.
3. Very low fire rate.

6. M16A4

m16a4 is a very bad gun in PUBG Mobile
When you enter in PUBG match it can be easily found. This is an assault rifle type weapon. This is a single fire mode Weapon. 
This gun runs on 5.56 mm bullets. It can only accept up to 6x scope.

Why this gun is in Worst categories?

1. This gun has only emitted a single bullet so you have to tap too many times.
2. It can shoot with full power up to short-range and after that power decreases.

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So, here are the top 6 most useless and bad guns you can use in PUBG Mobile. All these guns a very big disadvantages against the amazing guns like Groza, ScarL, AKM, DP28, M416, etc. Because of the low fire rate. low damage, and low bullet capacity, you can never win a fight against a better gun.

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Most of the new players use these guns, they like some of these guns because of the low recoil. Besides all of the disadvantages, the only advantage of these guns is, new players easily can handle these because of the very less recoil.