PUBGM NEWS: PGS East Qualifiers, PUBG Mobile to get BANNED?, and COMPARED TO DRUGS

PGS Europe East Qualifiers (Berlin):-

There are three teams that booked their places in the finals. Now we have to watch which one is going to make history. The three teams are led by ex-AVANGAR players Maxim ‘Maxiz0r’ Tatarincev and Mikhail ‘aversion’ Naumenko, who finished with 28 kills each.

 Russian side WinStreak15 dominated the weekend – taking first place with 124 points.

PGS Europe East Qualifiers


They were trailed by fellow Russian squad POGilaya 4etverka who wrapped up second place with 104 points.


The best part of the match was chasing of NORTHERN LIGHTS as the fell down to an eleventh and twelfth place. But they are very sad about that after they filled with energy to rose and they do and won three matches in a row. That’s very impressive and won the heart of every Pubg player.
But in the opposite xiomeow and M19 are better first in the last day there ranking goes to eleventh and twelfth place. That’s a sad moment but they are also very active players.
PGS Europe East Qualifiers

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PUBG Banned in India’s two states:-

PUBG Banned in India's two states:-

An Advocate named HC Arora who filed a case in court against PUBG. According to him, PUBG is violating youth from success to failure as we know India is all about Youth. 

How does PUBGM violate Youth

  • This game is based on killing people and win this creates a bad impact on school-going children and college students. Even it takes them away from sports and physical activities and making them weak. Children do not obey parents’ advice and if parents take mobile from them then they get depressed.
  • ADDICTION:- Playing Pubg makes to play more and more until your smartphone’s battery is finished. This type of addiction is not even lesser than the addiction to drugs. They want to leave this game. But they can’t because it makes their will power very weak and unconfident.


This case is filed in Punjab and Haryana Highcourt situated in Chandigarh. They demanded to ban PUBGM in Both of the states.Last year in March, various cities of Gujarat including Rajkot and Ahmedabad had temporarily banned PUBG ahead of school examinations. Local police had issued a notice saying that anyone could report an instance of someone playing PUBG and the latter may face prosecution under the Central Government Act under Section 188. We had also reported various instances where people were detained at police stations. 
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