PUBG Mobile Season 14 Redeem Code for free UC, Scar-L and UMP skin

PUBG Mobile redeem codes are just another favourite thing of those who love free skins, and rewards. Every now and then PUBG Mobile game provides new codes to redeem exclusive game items for free. However, the new season 14 is here. Recently, the game brings some new season 14 redeem codes for all the players.

Season 14 is the best season in PUBG Mobile to date. It has brought many amazing things along with the new redeem codes. So, let’s check the all-new PUBG Mobile Season 14 redeem codes now.

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All-new Season 14 Redeem Codes

all new season 14 redeem codes

After the update of Season 14, PUBG Mobile has so far given several redeem codes. All these codes were given on the first of June-






These 5 redeem codes are for new PUBG Mobile season 14. These are basically for normal items which you have to try to see the rewards. Also, you can try these exclusive season 14 redeem codes for free gun skin.

BCCQZBZCVJ– use this season 14 redeem code for yellow scar-L skin.

BAPPZCZTUH– use this redeem code in season 14 for a UPM-45 skin.

BCCQZCZSV7– use this season 14 redeem code for another black Scar-L skin.

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How use redeem codes in Season 14

PUBG Mobile also has the official redemption page for all these redeem codes. All you have to do is copy these new season 14 redeem codes and paste them with your PUBG Mobile-ID on the redemption page. For details follow these steps-

how to use season 14 redeem code
  • Step 1: Go to the official PUBG Mobile redemption page on Google chrome.
  • Step 2: Provide your PUBG Mobile Game ID, along with the Season 14 redeem code.
  • Step 3: Check the verification code and put it on the blank box and click on Submit.
  • Step 4: Double-check your Information, nickname, and redeem code and click on OK.

After the successful attempt, your gift will be sent to your game. To collect the game, all you have to do is Open PUBG Mobile and go to the in-game mail. In the mail section, open the redeem code reward, and press collect. After that, you can use your skin or reward from your inventory.

Final Word: In every special event, PUBG Mobile brings new redeem codes for all the players. These codes can provide you exclusive gifts for free. These season 14 redeem codes maybe now expired for you as the codes are limited to redeem. But don’t worry, Check this link to know how to join PUBG Mobile discord server to get all redeem codes before everyone else. Good Luck!

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