PUBG Mobile Korean Version Redeem Code in June 2020

Korean PUBG Mobile is very popular for free gifts and rewards. They say that the Kr version gives much more free gifts and rewards than the global version. Recently, players are so much discussing the redeem codes. So, today I will share PUBG Mobile Korean version redeem code that is revealed recently by PUBG Mobile Officials.

PUBG Mobile is a game that most people like to play on their smartphones. Yes, this viral battle royal game is not just only limited to India but people from all over the country play this game. However, some different countries have their own different PUBG Mobile version and servers, like the Korean Version.

Today, we are going to look at some exclusive redeem codes that are only applicable to the PUBG Mobile Korean version. So, before we go, please consider bookmarking our page for more upcoming updates.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version Redeem Code June|2020

Recently, PUBG Mobile has its second anniversary, and to celebrate the anniversary, Tencent brought many free gifts and game rewards for their players. We all received the gifts and redeem codes to redeem rewards but there is still an UMP45 Skin is left to be redeemed for those who are also playing the Korean PUBG Mobile.

Korean PUBG Mobile Redeem Code for a UMP45 Skin: BAPPZBZXF5.

(this redeem code can only be used in the Korean Version PUBG Mobile)

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The Code to redeem UPM45 skin for the Korean PUBG Mobile version was released in May. It may be expired now but you can still give it a try. The Redemption process is the same as the global version. Just go to the Official redemption page and put your code to redeem. You can check below for details.

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5 Steps to Redeem UMP45 gun skin in Korean PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile korean vr redeemption centre

Step 2: Provide your Character ID, Redeem Code(BAPPZBZXF5), and the verification code.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version Redeem Code in June 2020 1

Step 3: Click on Redeem, confirm your the details, and click ok.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version Redeem Code in June 2020 2

Step 4: Now Open PUBG Mobile Game and Go to Mails.

UMP45 gun skin redeem in Korean PUBG

Step 5: Look for Redeem Code Reward in the System Mail section.

Open the Mail and Click on collect. Here your UMP45 skin will be delivered to your inventory.

Your UMP45 gun skin is now delivered to your PUBG Mobile Korean version app. To collect the reward, go to your game, open the game mail, and look for Redeem Code Reward. Now Click on the mail and you will receive the UMP45 gun skin. All thanks to PUBG Mobile Korean version redeem code.

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