PUBG Mobile King Fighter Event: How to Win Black Cat outfit

PUBG Mobile brings new events with amazing gifts and rewards every week. Like always, this time also the game brings a brand new event with some brand new gifts.
Yes, A new event called King Fighter event has already started on 18th February and it will last until 27th February. Let all the players know that they can win the dope Black Cat outfit from this event.

How to Win Black Cat outfit

There are also several other rewards which I am going to tell you about today. Because this event is quite a different one then the other events. There are some specific rules that must be followed to win the Black Cat outfit from the Kind Fighter event.

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PUBG Mobile King Fighter event

King Fighter Event is basically a mini-game in PUBG Mobile which was started on 18th February and it will expire on 27th February at 00:00 UTC. Players are going to see some missions in this event, and they will receive a certain amount of energy point and gold coins for completing these missions.
The main motive of this game is to defeat the Black Cat. The black cat who is a King needs to be defeated by decreasing his points to 0. It has a total point of 10,000.

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The energy points are the main factor in this mini-game. Players will need these energy points to use the King Fighter game machine. After collecting a certain amount of energy, you can press one of the three buttons on the machine. Each button will decrease a certain amount of points of Black Cat.

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How to Win the Black Cat Outfit| Step by Step

Follow these steps to win the Black Cat outfit from the PUBG Mobile King Fighter event-

Step 1: Open your PUBG Mobile game and locate the King Fighter Event. It is in the left corner of your screen.

Showing where is the King fighter event is

Step 2: Open the event and look for the missions. As you can see in the photo, the missions are mentioned below. It has 4 missions which are

  • 10 energy points for daily Login
  • 15 energy points for Complete one match in any mode
  • 20 energy points for finishing in Top 8 in Classic Match
  • 40 energy points for Survive 40 minutes in classic mode
  • Now, these missions will renew every day after 00:00.
Event missions of king fighter event pubg

Step 3: Complete these missions and tap on collect for the energy points. As you can see, the mini-game machine has 3 buttons with 3 different amounts of energy points written on it.

  • 20 energy points for the first button decreases 100 points for King Black Cat
  • 25 energy points for the 2nd button decreases 400 points for King Black Cat
  • 30 energy points for the 3rd button that decreases 800 points for the Kind Black Cat.
PUBG Mobile King Fighter Event: How to Win Black Cat outfit

Step 4: Once you are successfully reducing the Black Cat points to Zero, you will collect the Black Cat outfit for free. Along with that, you will also win the Paint item, Coupon crate, and Silver Fragments.

Final Words: The King Fighter Event is now live in PUBG Mobile Game. Now players can play this event like a mini-game to win its exclusive rewards. follow the steps mentioned above to win the Black Cat outfit for 10 days and show off with your squad members. Enjoy!!!

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