PUBG Mobile India Release Date is going to be announced Soon

PUBG Mobile Release Date is soon to be announced by PUBG Mobile officials in India. After the ban of the game, it’s been many long days for us to survive without PUBG Mobile.

We all have been getting some news from many YouTubers saying that the game will re-launch in India.

On the 10the of November, PUBG Mobile Officials announced that they are going to take down the Indian PUBG Mobile servers and break their partnership with Tencent permanently.

Tencent is a Chinese company which the producer and distributor of PUBG Mobile Game.

As we all know that roughly 60 days ago India banned all the Chinese apps in India. Even after having some minor court issues, the Chinese company Tencent Partnered PUBG Mobile game got banned along with the other apps.

But now, there are no worries anymore. Because A new version of PUBG Mobile Partnered with Microsoft is coming in India within a few days, want exact release date and time?

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PUBG Mobile Release Date in India

PUBG Mobile India release date coming soon

Well yes, that is true that PUBG Mobile has not yet announced it from their side but we still have a pretty sure date on which PUBG Mobile will release in India.

As of our information and relating with the recent updates from PUBG Mobile Official Pages, the new Indian version of PUBG Mobile India is going to be released before the 20th of November.

Yes, the information is true and before 20th November, all Indians will be able to Download PUBG Mobile from the google play store.

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How PUBG Mobile is re-launching in India

pubg mobile India release date in November

After the ban of the game, PUBG Mobile talked to many companies to set the servers in India. After Jio and Airtel denied, Microsoft India has accepted the offer and agreed to set a new PUBG Mobile India server set up.

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Because of this, India can rely on the secure security policy of Microsoft India and no Indian security violation will be done either. It is a great chance for all of us to stay good, enjoy the game, and create a secure gaming environment.

Because of the Policy Violation issues, we also have information that the new PUBG Mobile India version is also going to get through some changes. So, quite a lot of changes is going to happen before the release of PUBG Mobile in India

Is the PUBG Mobile India version is different from the normal version or the same?

Well, yes, we can say the Upcoming PUBG Mobile India version is not exactly the global version of PUBG Mobile but pretty much all PUBG Mobile versions are the same right. We already know about the Korean and Chinese versions of the game.

After the PUBG Mobile servers down in India, the PUBG Company has partnered with Microsoft and now with the help of secured servers from Microsoft, PUBG Mobile can relaunch their Indian version.

Also, as per the information, We are also going to see some changes in the virtual game. New game data, new game design, new features, and some new UI too. So, stay tuned for the official release.