PUBG Mobile, COC and 275 Applications are going to be Banned in India?

India is going through a lot of changes recently. As we all know that 59 Chinese applications were banned in India for the security threat. Now, another 275 apps are getting security checked by the Indian authority. This includes famous Mobile games like PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans(COC).

Because of the COVID 19 and China attack, India is forced to take some decisions that may not be taken. Somedays ago viral applications like TikTok, Shein, Clubfactory, Mobile Legends, and many others got banned because of the security violation. Indian Govt decided to ban them after a check and now they have brought another 47 apps that are going to ban in India.

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275 Apps are going to ban in India?

According to the sources, and tweets of news channel, Govt has already banned 47 more apps in India. These applications were operating as the clone app of the previously banned apps. So, to ensure security, the Indian govt has already banned these apps. The list of these 47 apps will soon be revealed. Let you all know that the PUBG Mobile was on in this list.

However, PUBG Mobile, COC, and other 275 apps are more likely to get banned soon. As it is informed that after banning these 47 apps, another 275 apps are marked as a red flag and are being security checked. There’s a 50-50 possibility of PUBG Mobile to get a ban. Maybe some of them or none of them will get banned.

The reasons for which PUBG Mobile, COC and 273 other applications are being security checked-

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games in India. Not only kids but also the grownups play this game very much. With a $3 Billion lifetime revenue, PUBG Mobile game holds 28% of its overall users in India. Yes, PUBG Mobile has more than 700 million downloads all over the world and 175 Million downloads are from India. If the Indian government bans the PUBG mobile, it is surely going to be a disaster for PUBG Mobile.

The reasons for which PUBG Mobile, COC and 273 other applications are being security checked-

Basically, the Government stated that all the previously banned applications were proved for stealing data from our Indian users which is a big issue for Indian security. But this was not the actual reason for banning all the applications. As it all seems, somedays ago China attacked India on the north-east side. Because of that, Indian people brought several movements on Social Media like #BanChineseProducts and #BoycottmadeinChina.

After a huge negative response towards china, Modi Government brought answered China with banning their 59 application. Let you know that many of these banned applications were getting a huge success because of the Indian Audience. So, as a power for being a big economy, India decided to ban all the apps made by china in India.

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