Parachute Skin Redeem Code: Get Free Parachute in PUBG Mobile|April Update

Redeem a Parachute Skin for Free. Yes, you heard me right. Get a free parachute skin in this April. PUBG Mobile is continuously giving new redeem codes for free gifts and rewards directly to their players. Recently a new Parachute skin redeem code has been revealed.

Players who are following the game updates on their social media pages can get these redeem codes officially. Know more about getting PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes Officially.

Last time PUBG came up with many redeem codes for a variety of gifts and rewards like Kar98k, M416, Companion, etc. You can get the redeem codes and try for yourself.

Now, Back to the topic. Recently PUBG Mobile has completed 1 Million followers on Instagram and has provided a new redeem code for legendary parachute skin. Players can get this code directly by visiting the official Instagram Page or can look for the code below.

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Legendary Parachute Skin Redeem Code

BAAPZBZ5C8- Parachute Skin Redeem Code-Gift Code

How to Redeem Parachute Skin in with Free Redeem Code

how to redeem legendary skin

Fill Up the first space with your Game ID.

Copy and Paste the redeem code/gift code(BAAPZBZ5C8) provided above.

Confirm humans by checking the bot verification captcha.

Click on Redeem.

Check your PUBG Mobile Mail.

Hurray! Now you have got your Parachute skin in your in-game mail. Just open your PUBG Mobile game and check your mail. You will see a mail and click on it. After that, you can check your legendary parachute in your inventory and equip it for further use.

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Redemption center

Redeem Code: Those who don’t know about these redeem codes. PUBG Mobile has started a new program called PUBG Mobile Redemption center. Players will be provided a code that will be used for getting a free gift.

Each gift code or redeem code can only provide one single specific item. Players can get these new codes directly from our website or you can stay updated on PUBG Mobile social media pages like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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