3 best Offline Action Zombie Games under 500 MB for Android Mobile

Offline Action Zombie Games are very good options for gamer like me.  They are easy and fun to pass your good times. You can download these small mobile games and play them even when your internet is not working. Not everyone likes online games like PUBG and Free Fire. People around the world like to play offline android games too. So, today I am going to talk about some of the best offline action games under 500 MB which can be played without any Internet connection.

I am going to target those who are like me. Yes, I actually had a 2 GB ram android phone once. I always loved to play games on my mobile. I also used to search for good quality action games that are not so heavy and not so light either. 

So, if you are also looking for some action mobile games under 500 MB then you are just in the right place. You will see some of the best Offline Games only under 300-500 MB. Yes, we know these kind of games are best to play on Android mobile phones.

In this post, I have selected 3 best offline action games that come under only 300 MB to 500 MB and they are very good to play in low-end android mobile phones such smartphones with 1GB or 2GB ram. So, we have our first Zombi game is-

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Dead Trigger 2 Action Zombie Shooting Game

Many of us like shooting game. If that’s what you are, then trust me you will never find an action-packed most intense game like Dead Trigger 2. This game can run on your 1 GB or 2 GB ram android phone. As it is an offline game, you do not need any network connection to play this mobile game. One will just have download this game for once and it needs only 523 MB to download.

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Dead Trigger 2 is the second version so it has to be good and you know that. It was released in October 2013 and instantly became viral among the game lovers

How to Play

It is a first-person shooter game. Of course not like the rest ones because the character can move freely on the map. As the Dead Trigger is based on zombies, you will see many zombies coming and you will have to shoot them to death if you don’t want to die.

Beginners can also use auto shooting that allows your character to shoot automatically as soon as a target comes under the cross-hair. Players will see two different control areas, one side is for movements and the other side is for shooting and targeting which is also can be customised. In the shooting control, a player needs to press the shooting button and also press the nearest button for the accuracy of his target.

You will get a weapon and a limited health bar. This health will get reduced by zombie attacks or you can also get damage from their zombie radiation and certain radio-active environment. Players will get missions to complete in the mission mode. Completing objectives are like mostly killing zombies or acquiring or reaching a target point.

The character can also heal himself by you sing healing items health generating power-ups. Players will also encounter the giant bosses and they will gain more boosts and points by killing them.

Conclusion: Several maps are there. If you love offline action shooting game then this one is for you. It doesn’t take too much time to play. You can complete the whole chapter by the week. Also, don’t forget to get new guns, gears, skins, and many other cool items. I am pretty sure, you will start loving this game in no time and after you finish the game, you will miss it for sure.

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2. Last Day On Earth Zombie Survival Mobile Game

Don’t love shooting games that much. Maybe you are right. Who cares about moving around do the same thing again and again then why don’t you try moving and crafting and fighting for your survival.

Last Day on Earth is a really cool survival game which is also pretty famous among the game lovers. This android game has more than 50 million downloads on play store with 3 million reviews. And guess what? All of them are talking positively about the game.

So, what is this game about?

Last Day on Earth is also a shooter game but you have to make guns first. The game is all about surviving and crafting things to survive. The whole Earth is in a post-apocalyptic state in 2027. All it started with a dangerous infection spread in the whole world and destroyed all the living beings. But none of them died but became zombies, you are the survivor in this world and you need to hide, search, find, make and survive to live.

How to Play

Your character is a normal man needs food and water to survive. You will also have to build a house for yourself and the necessary equipment. You can create weapons, bikes, and many more cool items.

After you are done making things and understand the game, prepare yourself by making guns and ammo to thousands of Zombies out there. Zombies are going to be even bigger and stronger as you continue to survive the game.

Zombies will also come to your place looking for you, you can set a trap or fence to stop them to enter your territory.

The game doesn’t stop here.

Hardcore players not only play this for survival. The game also has many secrete places to look for. Get ready with your gears and go out there fight with the zombies and find the secrete places and look for more.

3. Zombie Survival Wasteland Best Survival Game

Don’t like tiny characters moving around on your mobile landscape. Then you might love this one with a big character like you see in the battle royale games. This Zombie Action-packed game called Zombie Survival: Wasteland is full of fighting, shooting and surviving. And over-all this offline zombie game is definitely more interesting than the previous ones in this list.

The game is all about surviving in a wasteland with a true friend which is a dog. You can raise the dog and even have some puppies. Go out and collect wood to craft houses and other types of equipment.

How to Play

Craft weapons to defend your territory from zombies and rob material from zombies and kill animals to collect food. Build the kennel and keep a dog. That may make the crazy world a little warmer

You can also set traps like machine guns in your house. Zombies will also come for you at night. So, always get yourself ready for the spooky night with more guns and ammo.

Feed your dog and breed. Get puppies and live a happy life. The game is very addictive and cool to play.

Conclusion: The game has a better fun experience if you love survival games. Your character can do anything and it is big. I know, games like this with small characters are not so fun but this game has everything big and watchable. You can see, interact and do anything you want.

Good Offline action games are hard to find these days. Mobile Game lovers always look for intense action and more doable things in the game. So, to keep your interest on the track, I have explored and li 3 best Offline Action Zombie Games under 500 MB for Android Mobile sted these 3 best Offline Action Zombie Games under 500 MB for Android Mobile phones. I hope you all like it.

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