Official Beta PUBG Mobile is now available on Google Play Store

PUBG Mobile has a growing demand among the youth of this generation. Not only the global version but also the Beta PUBG Mobile version has a lot of demand for itself. The PUBG Mobile Beta is an early version of every update that can be downloaded and played for the test purposes.

We used to download the beta version from other sources or PUBG Mobile used to provide the newest beta APK to the famous YouTubers or to their discord members. But not anymore. Tencent has now finally made it available for everyone. Yes, The Beta PUBG Mobile is now available to download from Google Play Store officially.

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Get Beta PUBG Mobile officially from Google Play Store

Finally, every PUBG Mobile player’s wish is to become true. From now on, PUBG Mobile will provide the latest beta version directly on google play store as Beta PUBG Mobile(Early Access).

As I said, people are always curious about the upcoming updates and they want to try before everyone. Because of this growing demand for the PUBG Mobile Beta, Tencent has released an early access version of Beta PUBGM on Play Store. Now, Android users can directly access the latest beta version from the play store and also they update it as soon as a new beta version arrives.

The players can also look for the version update and other details from the early access version and also they can send feedback from the game after trying the new features.

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How to download

To download PUBG Mobile Beta version from Google Play Store(Android Users), follow these below steps-

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This will automatically download and install the PUBG Mobile Beta to your android device and after that, you will be able to try the newest upcoming version of PUBGM and the new upcoming features.

As we all know that the PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 version lives on the global version now and the 0.18.2 is the upcoming version. So, players will now be able to access the PUBG Mobile Beta 0.18.2 from Play Store. Tencent will provide the updates for the beta version also, just as like as the Global Version.

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