10 Exclusive Changes in Upcoming PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile Indian version on its way to relaunch with brand new game stories, and many other changes. As for now, the game is only preparing to make come back to India. Some days, after the ban of PUBG Mobile, decided to partner with Microsoft and make an Indian version of PUBG Mobile which is going to be Indian Environment friendly.

To satisfy the Indian Cyber Security Laws and to maintain the unique Indian Environment, this time PUBG Mobile is not the same anymore. According to valid sources, PUBG Mobile India is going to make many changes including the storyline from the original global version. Excited? So, today we are going to know about the 10 Exclusive changes which we are going to see in PUBG Mobile India.

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Important Changes in PUBG Mobile India

Before PUBG Mobile India gets permission to re-launch, it is very important to secure the game according to Indian Policies. As the global version remains a ban, the developers had to make some changes in order to validate the future gaming experience of India.

After the ban of the PUBG Mobile Global version, The Indian version will now run on Microsoft’s Azure Servers. These servers are basically Indian servers. As a result, the Indian player’s data and other info will remain safe in India.

But this doesn’t stop here. PUBG Corp. and Krafton, partnered with Microsoft are also making sure that the game gets zero negative impacts from Indian Culture. Because of that, they are making quite a lot of changes in this Upcoming Indian PUBG Mobile.

Our experts have gathered intel regarding the upcoming changes going to take place in PUBG Mobile Indian version.

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New Loading Screen

New Azure and Krafton loading screen PUBG Mobile India

First of all the loading screen is going to get some changes, As PUBG Mobile India is not working with Tencent anymore, Tencent won’t appear on the loading screen.

Instead of Tencent, Krafton and Microsoft logo will appear in the first of the game. The final picture is not yet revealed officially, but you can still get an idea from the image that our experts made to give a rough idea of the upcoming leading screen.

Story Line

10 Exclusive Changes in Upcoming PUBG Mobile India 1

First and the most important thing that is going to happen in the upcoming Indian version is the storyline of the game. The story of every battleground game is to fight and kill each other until the last survivor left on the battlefield.

But in the Indian version, things are going to get different. In this upcoming version, players will see a new game story. According to this story, the game is not the battleground anymore. It will be basically a virtual training ground, where players only join to play or train but not to fight or kill.

Just like the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, players will not see any red blood color or they won’t die but sit down and hand over the crate which means the player is now eliminated from the ground.

New User Interface

After a few news, even PUBG Mobile is now launching new posters and photos for PUBG Mobile India. However, they haven’t revealed any first look at the game or final lobby.

But according to our intel, the game will get a completely new User Interface and this UI will be based on Indian culture.

Also, the Royal Pass and other exclusive items in the game are going to be changed. You can see, the game Free Fire has different servers for different regions. And each region gets its own bundles and skins.

So, just like that, India will get their own Royal Pass, skins, and other exclusive stuff for the game.

Characters with the permanent outfit

Top changes in upcoming PUBG Mobile India

Another important change that the players are going to see in the upcoming game is the new permanent outfit. Yes, Players will get to choose a character which comes with a T-shirt and a full pant.

In the global version, we had to complete some missions to get those simple outfits but anymore. In the Indian version, players will come with a permanent outfit and even if you try to undress the character, it won’t happen.

Bullet Hit Effects

The Bullet Hit effects also going to be changed. There will not be any red or blood color bullet hit effect. Just like the Chinese version, players will get to choose from different colors such as green, yellow, blue but not red.

As the red is the blood color that promotes violation. Also for some weak people, these small things can matter a lot. In order to control these situations, PUBG Mobile Corp. has removed this red blood color from the Indian version of PUBG Mobile.

Classic Erangel Map

Also, there will be some minor changes in the map too. To give Indians the best fun and surprising experience, the developer may come with some exclusive changes in the classic map by adding some Indian cultural spots or something like that.

The information is not confirmed yet but we are getting some intel from valid sources that say, the PUBG Mobile Corp may bring some special changes in the classic maps.

Lower Ping

This is not a change but lower ping is one of the essential things that every player is going experience. Many of us use to get higher ping because the serves of PUBG Mobile were not in the country. But now, the servers are going to be in the place which can reduce our in-game ping dramatically.

Having the servers in our own country will reduce our data transfer time and it will give us more fluent, smooth gameplay without any lag.

Smooth Gameplay

Smooth Gameplay is also one of the few minor changes that PUBG Mobile India is going to get. As for our Global version, the game is pretty big now, making many of the players unable to play.

The new PUBG Mobile India version is going to be more optimized for Indian games. As most of us use medium-range smartphones, the game is going to be small and more capable of running on normal phones available on the Indian market.

Gameplay Hour Limit

more strict gameplay hour limit

Sleepless gaming has become the most important problem for Indian teens. Many parents and the Indian Ministry have already questioned this subject many times. And this is why PUBG Mobile India is prepared this time for the kids too.

Sources are saying that they are going to introduce a new system that can detect players playing continuously for more than 2-3 hours.

Also, there is going to be an aging system. Players lower than 16 years old is going to get a different time for playing in one day. This is a great step from PUBG Mobile to give control to our young generation of India.


Last but not least is the language. Of course, each one of the country based version of PUBG Mobile has its own country language. So, there is a high possibility that the upcoming PUBG Mobile India will also bring the Hindi language in the game.

However, this is not 100% sure that the game will support the Hindi language at the launch of the game or it will be available after some update.

Final Words: PUBG Mobile India is recently the Hot topic of India. Even after getting banned, it seems our favorite PUBG Mobile never lost their hope. Also, the same thing can be seen among the players., They were also waiting a long 2 months for this game to come back to India.

I hope you like these exclusive changes in the upcoming PUBG Mobile India. Please share and support Gamer’s Info Point.

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