PUBG Mobile Bot Update: New Bot 2.0 can use Grenade| 0.19.0

PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update is going to be very special. The game is about to bring many new things in the game such as Monster truck, new map, guns, and much more. The 0.19.0 Beta version is already out to download and players can see all the changes and new features that are about to come with the new update, but did you notice the new bot update? PUBG Mobile Bot Update to bring a new version of bot can now use Grenades and stunt grenades too.

Bots are going to be very advanced in the upcoming update. There will be no more playing with them. Recently, a famous Youtube Channel Software Hindi has revealed the new bot update on his channel. According to the new beta update, there is a new kind of bots in the game. These bots can throw grenades when they are not able to shoot at you.

Many times players hide behind walls or trees. But now if you are facing a bot and you are hiding somewhere, then the bot will throw grenade at you.

However, the accuracy of their throw is not 100% right, so you can easily dodge them. They can also use stunt grenade. These new Bots also try to throw stunt grenade every once in a while.

In the below screenshots you will see, how a bot is using throwables in the PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 beta update.

PUBG Mobile New Bots can throw Grenades

new bot throwing stunt grenade in pubg mobile
pubg mobile 0.19.0 to bring new bot update
bot throwing grenade in pubg mobile 0.19.0 beta
new bot update details
PUBG Mobile Bot Update: New Bot 2.0 can use Grenade| 0.19.0 1

As you can see in these pictures, these screenshots are from the recent Beta 0.19.0 version. The enemy you are watching is a bot and it is trying to kill the player with grenades. However, the bot is not using the Molotov but the other two throwables they can use.

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New Bot update Details

As we have seen that the new PUBG Mobile bots can do so much more than just shooting and running. So, here is some confirmed information about the new upcoming Bots.

  • Smarter Bots can detect from the distance.
  • They can hide and wait until the enemy shows up.
  • Bots can now able to throw grenades every once in a while.
  • If you are hiding behind tree o
  • r walls, bots will throw grenades.
  • Also, they can throw stunt grenade.
  • Last but not least, bots shootings give you more damage and their aim is not accurate.
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PUBG Mobile New Bot 2.0 Update: conclusion:

The beta version of 0.19.0 was released a week ago. And this new bot 2.0 update is a very special feature that we are going to see with the live update soon. Bots are being ignored by the players for a long time but not anymore. No one can hide from the new version of bots in PUBG Mobile and from their grenades.

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