Free Fire: Misha Character Skills and Ability Details| Wiki

Free Fire has many amazing characters and every one of them has unique skills. Each one of them comes with special abilities like an expert in shooting or defending or hiding, using specific guns, etc. Recently the new Alvaro character is also going viral on the Internet for his unique ability but today in this article I am here with another hotty avatar Misha in Free Fire. Yes, Check Character Misha wiki, skills, speciality, uses, and other details.

Misha is very talented and according to the game he age is 19 years. The physical appearance of Misha is bold and she is very beautiful. But not only beauty makes you win. In this article, we will discuss her physical appearance, physical ability, and special ability. And also we are going to tell you how to take her?

Misha is a special character of Free Fire game. She is basically an expert driver. Misha is very talent with all kind of wheels. If she is driving then, no one should be worrying about getting damage or getting exploded while in the vehicles.

If you are playing with character Misha then your vehicle speed will increase by two percent. However, this increase level depends on what level of Misha you have. 

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Misha also can add some boost to you vehicle health. Your vehicle will remain indestructible even after so many hits or damage taken.

  • Sex: Unknown
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: Jul 26th
  • Ability- Racer
Free Fire: Misha Character Skills and Ability Details| Wiki 1
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Special Surviving Skill- AfterBurner

As i already mentioned that Misha can drive faster and bullet damage taken by the vehicle will be decreased. The effects will increase by it’s level and the information about her ability based on level are given below-

Level 1

Free Fire: Misha Character Skills and Ability Details| Wiki 2

Level 2

misha level 2

Level 3

misha level_3

Level 4

misha level_4

Level 5

misha level_5

Level 5 unlocks the Race-queen set of Misha.

Level 6

level_6 misha

Level 7

level_7 misha

Misha unlocks a new achievement in level 7.

Level 8

How to get Misha character

Misha is a female character and it is paid. And the most important thing about Misha is she is the most expensive character in the free fire. 

If you wanted to buy Misha that costs you almost 7k to 8k Indian rupees. First, you have to do some top up and then there will be a special event for this character in Free Fire. So over-all you will end up spending 7000 to 8000 Rupees.

How Misha helps in winning

Misha has expertise in racing. The special ability of Misha called Afterburner. Which makes her superfast. Actually, Misha’s ability to drive faster than others. While you driving in free-fire you can drive 2% faster and your damage rate decreases up to 4% from the first level and it increases or decreases respectively as you unlock new levels.

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Besides her ability, in the free-fire, you look cooler than others.

It will increase your winning chance because you can reach airdrops faster than others and you will get the latest weapons.

Outfits you are getting as follows first one is Racer set and the second one is Race queen set.

She has a never to die attitude that makes her the most winning character and her famous.

Conclusion: Misha is a very talented racer and her special ability that is afterburner. She is very good at fast driving it doesn’t matter the road is straight or curve. The total amount needed to buy this character is 8000 cash. She definitely helps you in winning the game. There are two outfits and her nickname is race queen. But one thing that matters is the price she is the most expensive character in the free fire.

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