PUBG Mobile Library Mode: How To Play and Win| Tips and Tricks

In the upcoming update PUBG Mobile, players will find an indoor map which is called Library mode. PUBG Mobile introduced this map to the Newest Beta Version and it will be live with the 0.18.0 update in May. The new game mode yet to become an engaging update for the players but still, some PUBG players loved this because of its hardness level.

However, this new mode has some new rules and tactics, and today I will give you complete information about it.

Well, PUBG Mobile’s Library mode seems to be inspired by Call Of Duty. Library mode. Yes, the famous Call Of Duty Mobile already has this game mode and the players already like it very much.

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Gamers Point Info

Tencent has recently announced a new 0.18.0 version update to PUBG Mobile. The global version is going to be live in May with he Season 13 but a Beta version of this new version is already available for the test purposes.

PUBG Mobile Library Mode

How to Play

Library mode is like the TDM matches in which there are two teams. To win the match you have to kill 18 people with the 18 different guns including the crossbow and Pan. At the beginning of the game, you will get two weapons UZI and UMP45 gun.

If you want to change the guns you have to kill opponents. The number of times you kill the enemy your weapon will change. In the last of the game when you killed more than 15 enemies, the weapons will change into sniper, shotguns, pistols. After killing the enemy 17 times you will get PAN. The person who kills with PAN first is the winner and opponent loses.

Weapons in Library mode

  • 1. UMP45
  • 2. Thomspon Gun
  • 3. Micro Uzi
  • 4. ScarL
  • 5. G36C
  • 6. M762
  • 7. DP28
  • 8. Groza
  • 9. M164
  • 10. MK14
  • 11. AWM
  • 12. Winchester
  • 13. S686(Double-barrel Shotgun)
  • 14. DBS
  • 15. Pistol
  • 16. P18C
  • 17. Crossbow
  • 18. Pan

5 Tips and Tricks for Library Mode| PUBG Mobile

The new Library Mode is quite a cool mode to play in PUBG Mobile. As it has some all-new rules and features. So, players need to use different tactics to win the game. Today, I am going to share some of my best tips and tricks for Library mode to win the match.

Tip#1 Understand The Map

understand the library map pubg

Also, you will see some small square holes. You can only enter them by crouching into it. These holes lead to another way to the room. So, don’t forget to use them to surprise your enemy.

Tip#2 Understand the Game Rules

Two teams will be fighting against each other in this mode. If a player from the team gets 18 kills then the team will win.

PUBG Mobile Library Mode: How To Play and Win| Tips and Tricks 1

Also, remember that a player can use only one gun once. You have to use every single gun to get kills. That means 18 kills with 18 different guns including pan. Also, you don’t have to worry about changing the gun. As soon as you get a kill with the gun you have, it will immediately change into the next gun.

Tip#3 Don’t Go with your Team

Also remember, this is not like the other matches. If you go with your team to survive, you won’t be able to lucky enough to get those kills. So, Go and hide somewhere all of your own and attack when you see an enemy.

library mode tips

Tip#5 Practice All Guns in Training Mode

There are many players who never use heavy guns like MK47, Bold sniper, AKM, etc. So, to win the library mode, every player has master these guns too including the shotgun and pistol.

PUBG Mobile Library Mode: How To Play and Win| Tips and Tricks 2

The best way to get these guns easily and practice with them is the training mode. Go to training mode and try every gun that you never tried before.

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So, here is all the detailed information about the upcoming PUBG Mobile Library Mode. This new mode is going to be very interesting in the coming days. Players are already discussing a lot for this update. I hope you will like this update too.

I hope you liked the article if it is an information-rich leave comment and let us know.