Free Fire Kapella Patch Update Details, Release Date, Features and more

Kapella Patch is coming and it has a lot of amazing features and update to reveal. Garena is going to add a new update called Free Fire Kapella Patch on 8th April. This patch update will bring new rewards, a new ranked mode and some other features that we are going to talk about today in this article.

Also, a band new character will also be live in the game after this update with some other big events, new challenges for exclusive loot crate and more. Garena has announced about 3 new events that will be coming right after this patch. 

After this update another Half-Human and Half-Animal will also be added to the game with a brand new event.

Kapella Patch event features

Free Fire Kapella Patch Details and Release date

Free Fire OB21 update is live. Garena has already brought many items and new features to the game but they are planning for more. A new update with many big events is coming to the Free Fire live server. This update is called Kapella Patch update that will hit the Free Fire live servers on 8th April. The main theme of this update is a new character called Kapella and a new pet called Ottero.

Free Fire already has many special characters but this time Garena is going to bring a new female character with amazing healing ability.

Another main theme of this update is a new pet called Ottero. This pet will also have kind of the same ability to the upcoming Kapella.

Also, let you know that players will get many more free reward events after this event. These events gonna provide rewards and free gift missions to the players. But first, let’s talk about Kapella.

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Kapella character and Ottero pet image

Kapella and Ottero Ability, Skills

The new upcoming character Kapella also has a very useful ability. Her main skill is a healing ability. She uses a healing song that increases all healing ability of the meds and also protection level of vest and armour for a certain amount of time.

Also, Ottero is a pet with a little bit of the same skill. If you have Ottero then using health items will boost your health by another 25%-50%. However, the effects will depend on the level of the pet you have. It also applies to the Kapella character.

Free Fire Kapella Patch Update Details, Release Date, Features and more 1

Events and Features

Apart from the new character and the new pet, the Kapella patch also features some amazing events that will provide us many free gifts and rewards.

The events are already live and more to come. The Kapella Patch event is live and players can claim their April Fool’s mask and Level 8 Character card by completing the missions from it. For more check here.

Also, there is a quiz that came to live for this upcoming event. Play the quiz and win loot crates. These crates will provide necessary items for the upcoming Kapella Event.

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More Patch Updates

As we all know that the OB21 update brought a be SMG gun which is the Thomspon gun. Garena will fix some of its bugs and balance the gun after this update.

Classic Rank Mode will also be added to the game. All should be aware that Rank mode is completely different from Classic mode.

Also, a new time-limited game is already live in the game and it has the respawn feature. You can already see it’s banner when you open Free Fire game(OB21). This new mode will grant players to respawn after they get killed.

Also, the player’s head will get bigger with each kill they get. The first player riches the target number of killing wins the match. This mode can only be played in Duo or Squad.

Some other major changes will also be made with the update. Mp5 will gain its accuracy and bullets firing rate. The movement speed while ads will also be developed.

Also, the UMP will give more armor penetration and much higher damage than before. However, it’s recoil and range will be decreased.

The M1887 shotgun will also get some major changes. The update will decrease its damage 1 and reload time by 100. So, what do you think? Is it the end of M1887?

Final Words: So, here are all the detailed information of the upcoming Kapella Patch update. Stay Tuned for more updates information.

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