In Which Countries PUBG Mobile is Banned and Why?

PUBG Mobile is banned in several countries so far. After the Mobile version of PUBG came to existence, people from all over the world started playing it. As a result, it became a reason for diversion for youngsters. So, to take care of that, several countries already have taken some actions for this online game called PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround. So, let’s know that, in which countries PUBG Mobile is Banned?

Different people have a different kind of opinion for PUBG Mobile. While a huge number of young players spend their daily life playing this game, there are some who are against this game trying to ban PUBG Mobile. Many came with many different reasons.

Developed by Tencent and produced by Bluehole company, PUBG Mobile is now banned in several countries around the globe. Ever since the game became viral, it created a very engaging gaming community which is good and also bad.

The young generation stopped playing outdoor games and started to spend more time on their smartphone. However, the government of several countries has already taken steps to make things right. Also, some of the countries gone too far to ban PUBG Mobile in their region.

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pakistan banned pubg mobile

On 1 July 2020, Pakistan announced a temporary ban on PUBG Mobile. According to the country government, PUBG Mobile is totally a waste of time and is very addictive to the young generation.

Also, the decision to ban PUBG Mobile got the fire after a 16-year-old boy committed suicide in the Hanjarwal area. The incident happened on June 16. According to the source, the boy became very frustrated about losing the game and decided to commit suicide at the moment.

After that, the Pakistani Government placed a temporary ban on 1 July, and all the traffic generated by the PUBG Mobile game was blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.


In Which Countries PUBG Mobile is Banned and Why? 1

Iraq is also one of the countries that banned PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround(PUBG). According to their parliament, these addictive games can harm the potential of the country’s people and children. Games are good but not when you play them in a way that you forget your other responsibilities.

The Iraq government says this PUBG and PUBG Mobile is harmful to society and a potential national security threat. The game is no longer available to play in the country. However, people can always use other tech to access.


In Which Countries PUBG Mobile is Banned and Why? 2

India has its own issues for PUBG Mobile. The PC version of the game is not that popular in India but the mobile version is overly used by the youth of India. Several incidents happened because of the game. People even have died.

In December 2019, the Chief warden of VIT Institute of Tamil Nadu had sent a circular warning to the students for playing PUBG Mobile late night in the hostel. A child spends all his parents saving(around 15 lakh) for playing PUBG Mobile.

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A guy was hospitalised for losing the game. Another guy died for recklessly drinking jewellery cleaner solution in a train. So, all these reasons got a state-wise ban for PUBG Mobile. A few states in India have restrictions for PUBG Mobile. They have banned playing in the street, schools, or in public places.

Also, the PUBG Mobile game was banned temporarily in Vadodara, Surat, and Rajkot in 2019. The police did that as a responsibility. Several students were arrested for playing the game in public places too. They also requested the government to remove PUBG Mobile from the play store but later the ban was removed.


china banned pubg mobile

According to Chinese articles and news, we all are pretty much aware that there is no PUBG Mobile game in China. They have a different version which is called Game For Peace. Pretty much similar to PUBG Mobile, the game for peace is a Chinese version PUBG.

When the global PUBG Mobile was launched in China, many high authority critics and ethics have disagreed with the game in the country because of its Blood and gore, vulgar content. As a result, PUBG Mobile’s red blood, killing, and gunfights etc were not supported by the Chinese government and the game was banned officially in China too.

After that, Tencent came up with a Chinese version of PUBG Mobile that has no red blood, and characters even don’t die. They respectfully sit and handover their crate and disappears instead of dying in the game. So, with these kinds of minor changes, the game was released in China as a Game For Peace.

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nepal banned pubg mobile

Back in 2019, the Nepal government got offended by PUBG Mobile and decided to ban the game. After the national Internet Service Providers were ordered to block all the traffic generated from PUBG Mobile game, the game became unavailable to play in the country from April 11.

After that, some of the country law and rights rose up and questioned the ban of PUBG Mobile. Some country lawers finally proved the ban imposed by Kathmandu on April 11 was totally unreasonable. So the ban was withdrawal and now Nepali’s can play PUBG Mobile just like the world.

So, these were the 5 countries that faced the PUBG Mobile ban so far. Some of them still have the ban while some others have removed it. Recently, India banned 59 Chinese apps too but PUBG Mobile was not on the list. So, what do you think about the PUBG Mobile ban in India? Please let us know in the comment below.

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