Free Fire Luqueta Event: Unlock Luqueta Character for Free with Top up

Free Fire recently has come off with a new update which is the OB23. With the many gifts and rewards, a new character called Luqueta also has added to the game. The character looks very cool and it has amazing features to explore. Players are already looking forward to trying this character. So, today we will know about this new Luqueta character and its new Luqueta Event. Also, the good news is, players can unlock Luqueta Character for free.


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Free Fire Luqueta Top-up Event

Free Fire luqueta top up event: How to unlock Luqueta for free

With most of the new characters, Free Fire brings new top-up events. Of course, these top-up events are the most awaited events for the Free Fire lovers. So, the good news is, Free Fire also brought a Luqueta Top up event for this new character with the OB23 update.

Yes, players can now easily get Luqueta character for free by doing a simple top up of 200 diamonds. The event also has some other exclusive rewards. To unlock these rewards you have to purchase a higher diamond top up from the game.

200 Diamond Top up= Free Luqueta Character

500 Diamond Top up= Free Luqueta character+ Luqueta soccer bundle.

How to get Free Luqueta in Free fire

open free fire game

Go to the Event section and Click on Luqueta Event.

go to luqueta event section

Here you can see the details of the event and two incomplete missions. The first task is to buy a 200 diamond top up, and the second task is to buy a 500 diamond top up.

Free Fire Luqueta Event: Unlock Luqueta Character for Free with Top up 1

Now, all you have to do is go to the Diamond Top up section and recharge with a 200 diamond top-up. If you don’t have bank account then you can also recharge with your PayTM or Google ID. Click Here to Know more.

Luqueta Character Details:

Luqueta’s character is one of the most genuine characters in Free Fire till now. This character can be compared to DJ Alok too. With a very looking soccer outfit, this character a direct concept of a Soccer player. Like all the other characters, Luqueta also has special skills and abilities. This ability will increase according to its level.

Luqueta character’s special skill is health. If you are using this character, your health bar will increase with every kill you make in the game. However, it will not increase if your health is already above 30.

For the Level 1 Luqueta, every kill will increase its HP by 5 up to 30. Leveling up this character also level up the healing power as well.

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