PUBG Mobile: How to Unlock Andy Character for Free in 2020

Andy the Puppet Master is a new PUBG Mobile sensation. Players are going crazy for this newly arrived Character called Andy. Like the other special characters in PUBG Mobile, this new character also has special skills, exclusive emotes, voice notes, outfits, and much more. Today I am here with a brief guide on how to unlock and get the Andy character for free.

PUBG Mobile has brought many new and cool things for us. With every season the game brings new updates, challenges, and rewards for the players. Andy is the new coolest thing in this season. The very first special character Victor was introduced in PUBG Mobile in 2019. After that, the game brought a few more characters such as Carlo and Sara.  All of them have a unique speciality and a different price.

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Basically, Andy is a male special character in PUBG Mobile. He used to be a Puppet Master but later he had to leave his passion because in a story, some people destroyed his voice with which he used to whistle and play with his toy. And his situations left no choice but to choose a path of killing and playing with big toys(guns).

Tencent has brought the new Andy character along with a brand new character voucher event. By participating in this event, you can collect free character vouchers to unlock Andy character for free or with a discount.

Special Skills: Drawing and Holstering Gun

Whenever you switch weapons in PUBG Mobile, it takes time. Andy has a special skill which is not like the rest of the characters. He can switch between guns faster than any other character can do. The skill level increases according to Andy character level. A max level Andy can draw and put away guns 16% faster than normal. However, his skill is only for the EvoGround matches except for the TDM match which means players can use Andy’s special skills on Any EvoGround Mode except TDM match.

Emotes, Voice Notes, and Outfits

Like the rest of the character, ANdy also comes with special outfits, Voice Notes, and Emote sets. There are 5 different types of special emotes and 14 different exclusive outfits for Andy only. Also, most of the voice notes will be exclusively changed according to Andy’s voice.

Buying or Unlocking Andy character will get you 5 extra rewards which are, a mask, a hat, a puppet, and the Andy Suit.

So, now let’s see, how to get Andy in PUBG Mobile.

How to unlock Andy Character with UC Cash

PUBG Mobile released Andy character on 13th June. The character was set to be unlocked with a prize of 1200 UC Cash. Players can visit their Character tab>Select Andy>and Buy the character with 1200 UC Cash to unlock Andy Immediately.

Follow these steps to Unlock Andy with 1200 UC Cash-

Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile App.

open pubg mobile and go to workshop

Step 2: Go to the Workshop.

go to characters

Step 3: Go To Characters.

PUBG Mobile: How to Unlock Andy Character for Free in 2020 1

Step 4: Select Andy.

Step 5: Click on Purchase.

You can also use your character vouchers to get a discount. 1 character voucher is going to get 1 UC discount. So, don’t forget to tick on the little tab to use character vouchers.

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How to Get a Free Andy Character with Discount

A character can also be unlocked without the UC. Players just have to collect character vouchers. Once they have collected 1200 character vouchers from the event missions, they can easily unlock a free Andy character for free. There were many character voucher event came live during the past few months.

Another exclusive Andy character voucher event recently got expired. If you have collected some of the character vouchers then you can wait a little more because PUBG Mobile will bring more character voucher events for these special characters. Also here is a simple tip that can still help you to get some extra character vouchers right now-

Follow these steps to get 10 character vouchers for free-

get a free andy character with discount pubg mobile

Step 1: Head to PUBG Mobile.

Step 2: Select the Road Trip Event.

Step 3: Check Missions and Complete them to get gas can.

Step 4: With the gas can, fill your car and Click on Advance.

Every day you can collect 20 gas can to fuel up and drive. Drive up to 500M distance to receive exclusive rewards like coupons and character vouchers. Don’t forget to invite your friends before you start driving the vehicle.

How to Unlock Andy Character For Free in 2020

If you don’t want to pay for the Andy character, then you should use my own trick. This is a genuine trick and pretty helpful to earn some real cash which you can use to get a free Andy Character. Some of my friends followed my guide and they have successfully unlocked Andy character for free. If you want to do it too, follow these steps-

unlock andy character for free in pubg mobile

Step 1: Download Helo App.

Step 2: Create an account.

Step 3: Refer the app 2 friends.

After that, you will get 600 rupees for each friend. You can use the money to buy your Andy character for free. The Helo app is very genuine and works just fine. If you also want to get some free UC cash and buy characters with it, the Helo app is a great option for you.

How to Unlock Andy: Conclusion:

Many PUBG Mobile players don’t want to spend money on games. People like us always want to get some free stuff. But Andy is a very good and interesting character to buy. In that case, players can use these tips I have mentioned above to get a free Andy.

If you want some discount then just head to the character section and use your remaining character vouchers to buy andy for a cheaper price.

If you want to collect more character vouchers to get a free andy, use the 2nd trick to collect more character vouchers from the road trip event and wait for more to come. Or if you want it fast then you can download the helo app and refer it to 2 of your friends to earn real money and use them to get a free Andy character.

I hope you all like this article. Please share it with your friends too.

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