PUBG Mobile: How to Reach Conqueror Tier in 2020| 12 Tips

Who doesn’t want to go to the highest tier in PUBG Mobile? This is 2020, and everyone is getting better and better in the game. Players from all over the world don’t just play PUBGM but also they try hard to reach in the Conqueror tier. But of course, it is not easy to reach in conqueror tier in such hard conditions and push your rank So, how do we reach conqueror tier? Though, people do it anyway. You just have to follow some rules and perfect your skills, so that you can beat up all of those Pro Players and get to the top rank before everyone else.

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Today, in this article, you will not only learn about how to play well but also I am going to share some of the Best Tips and Tricks by the Official PUBG Mobile India. Also, you will know how to deal with the hackers in PUBG Mobile. Because, everything has a solution, but when a hacker kills you, you end up losing so many game points which is very hard to regain in Ace or Conqueror Tier. So, now let’s talk about how to reach the conqueror tier in 2020.

How To Reach Conqueror Tier | Push Rank


In 2020, you need to focus on Gaining Tier points without loosing them to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile.

If you really want to reach Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile then you need to take care of your gameplay from all the possible sides. Becoming a Pro is not the solution in Rank Push, because many times even pro players get killed by enemies.
Going to the Conqueror tier is all about gaining more points without losing them in PUBGM. Most of the players work hard and play hard to get more kills and get to the high rank but they end up losing more points instead of gaining it.
Also, another main factor is to go for Chicken Dinner and not to die first. No matter how many kills you get, if you don’t get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, you will lose your tier point. And of course, if you die first in your game, you will lose a lot of tier points that will be regained after 4 chicken dinners in a row.

Don’t Die first in Any Match and Always go for the Chicken Dinner. Today we will talk about the best tips and tricks to take of these two main factors.

How to reach Conqueror Tier in 2020

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12 NEW Tips and Tricks

You will have to take care of the factors that are related to the PUBG Mobile conqueror tier. I have mentioned the best practices you can do to rank up higher and become a pro in the PUBGM game. Follow these tips to reach in conqueror tier very fast-

1. Master Top Guns

Mastering top guns and using them is a great advantage for a direct fight in PUBG Mobile. First thing first, that is guns. Let’s say, you are pro and you have learned every tactic to handle a fight but you don’t know how to control AKM recoil or the hardest one is Mk47 recoil. 

In this case, you have a good chance to die in the hands of those who are using these weapons, and you will also end up losing game points. Because there are many players out there who use the most powerful guns in PUBG Mobile. 
As we all know that AKM, Groza, and MK47 has the most damage point. So, to compete with them, you should also master these guns and learn to handle their recoil.

2. Play Safe, Sneaky and Careful

If you really want to push your rank only, your skill does matter but the most important thing that matters is don’t lose your point. To, do that you need to play safe, sneaky, and secure. You need to play with both your skills and mind. 
Many players go with their hardcore skill but that is wrong. Because if you are going with your skills only, then you are only trying your luck. So, before you expose yourself to any enemy, check if someone is already picking on you.
Also, never try your luck. Many times players get confused and to finish the enemy they jump off in front of the enemy and start shooting which is the dumbest thing to do in PUBG Mobile. Always be careful, observe first and then make your move and also be ready to fall back if needed.

3. Maintain Your Skills

The next point is on Skill. A Conqueror player is always a pro in his skills. So, if you don’t want to die because of them, you also need to take care of your skills. Also, I have seen many players who always play safe to push their tier rank. 
If we always play safe we lose our skill. We also have maintained our skills because, in the end, we are going to face up with some enemies who are the best in the lobby. And as I said, no chicken dinner means no point at all.
To work on your skill, one of the best ways is to play the TDM match. Yes, Team Death Match is one of the best ways to perfect your aim. So, always play a TDM match before and after playing a classic match in PUBG Mobile. You can also play war or other modes but TDM mode is the most effective mode to perfect your skill.

4. Play Mini Match in Arcade Mode

Not only shooting, killing, and hiding can get you chicken dinner every time. You also need to understand the situation of the fight to be a pro of the Conqueror tier. In a direct fight, the player needs to take action according to the situation. 

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Not all of us are smart to handle every situation. So, playing mini-matches in Arcade Mode. In the small circle, it will help to master your mind too. In a mini-match, you will meet up with a lot of combat situation and you will learn to handle every fighting situation faster.

5. Play Miramar

It all depends on your interest but if you are really dedicated to Conqueror Tier then you must play Miramar. Many times we die because of some snake in Erangel or Sanhok map. No matter how many kills we get, if we die without having chicken dinner, then it is useless. 
So, playing Miramar is a good option to push your rank to the Conqueror tier. There will be no snake or in your way and you can totally depend on your skills.
Also if you play Erangel, you will die because of hackers in the lobby. In 2020, PUBG mobile lobby is always full of hackers. So, to avoid them, play the Miramar map. You can have a legal match there so that you can get your chicken dinner by depending on your skill. Besides, no rank pusher wants to die in the hand of a noob hacker and lose points in PUBG Mobile.

6. Learn to Deal with Hackers/Cheaters

Cheaters or Hackers are the most annoying thing in PUBG Mobile. Normal players get through the game and in the end hackers show up and kill them with one shot. Unfair gameplay is so annoying but it becomes frustrating when you are rank pusher. Players are pushing rank to conquerors can never do this because of hackers these days.
PUBG Mobile has a lot of hackers in the game. You can avoid them if you notice them already in the lobby but in case you are already in the game and you notice any hacker in the game then you shouldn’t go all over the map searching for kills. Because if you do this, you will die and loose for points instead of gaining. So, be very careful and play the match in the sneakiest way as possible. Try to get to the end, at least, this way you won’t lose fewer points for the game.
Try to look at the kill feed. If you see, players dropping fast and only one person is taking all the kills and there is must be an enemy in your match. So, this situation, loot as much healths and boosters as you want and try to survive till the last.

7. Learn to use Smokes and don’t prone while looting

Players always go prone while they are looting. But remember, in higher ranks like ace or conqueror, there are always people around you to do the third party. They will never ignore you if they have a chance. So, if you are taking a fight and you killed all of the enemies, use smokes for looting their crates. 
In case you don’t have any then just don’t prone because if you get sudden shots then it will be too late to get up and run for aa cover.
So, if you don’t want to die so easily then never prone in the open especially while looting, and always use smokes. Also, you need to be a pro on using the grenades. If you want to be a little more advanced than your enemy, then you need to master the use of grenade. 
Because, most of the players, don’t concentrate on grenades. So, why don’t we take the upper hand when we can. Learn to use grenades and use them as much as you can.

8. Start Rank Push when the Season Starts

A lot of players want to go to Conqueror Tier but they don’t give much attention to it. Players need to know that, as soon as you go to the upper rank, you will meet fewer competitors. Also, the player will lose fewer points. 
So, always be ready and start pushing as soon as the season starts. In this way, you will be in Conqueror Tier faster than ever. If you start your Rank Push at the starting of Season, then you will reach ace in one or two weeks then you will have more time to learn more and figure out more ways to reach the top rank Conqueror.

9. Take more Healing instead of Ammo

A character in PUBG Mobile always picks up 170 bullets for each gun but everyone knows that 100 bullets are enough to wipe out an entire squad. So, the fact is, you need to take more healings instead of ammo. Because most of the players from a high rank are good in PUBG mobile game. So, always bee ready with lots of boosters and medkit.
Also, bandages take more time to apply. So, take more medkit instead of bandages. Use bandages only when it is enough with a one-time use. If not, always use MedKit. So, take more medkit to reach the Conqueror game.


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10. Team Work

Team Work is also a very important factor in Rank Push. If you are playing Squad or Duo game then you should definitely play with your teams. Don’t take any random teammates or someone who doesn’t usually play with you. Because Team Work is one of the most important things in Ace or Conqueror Rank. 

Team Work Rank Push in PUBG Mobile

So, if your teammates are noobs and they roaming around instead of helping you then you will surely die and lose your tier point. So, always make your own team with 4 or 5 players, if you are really serious about Rank Push in PUBG Mobile.

Team Work also means to open your mic in the game. Always turn on your mic with a clear sound. It will help you providing any information about the enemies. Also, you will have a 100% upper hand to those who are not using a mic in their game.

11. Go for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile: How to Reach Conqueror Tier

Many players believe in Rush Gameplay but the real fact is Pushing rank to Coqueror tier doesn’t have anything to do with many kills. In higher rank, if you already have 10 kills but you die in 10th rank in the game then you will lose 20 points directly.

On the other hand, if you have only 4-5 kills and you get the chicken dinner, then you will gain 10-15 points easily. So, if you are pushing rank then it is more important to go for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner instead of Kills in PUBG Mobile. Because it is really hard to reach the Conqueror tier, So you have to think about points first.

12. Never Give Up

Last but not least is Never give up. You see, it is really hard to complete all the millions of PUBG Mobile players from all over the world. But if you are really dedicated that there are only a few like you. So, be unique and never give up. Always go hardship and train yourself more. After a lot of training use and try your skills until you don’t reach the Conqueror tier.


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Final Words: There are many tips, tricks, and ideas for how to reach conqueror in PUBG Mobile. However, it is hard in 2020. In this new year, these tips are based on hard gameplay and that is now going to help you. Get more tips from here to become a Conqueror in PUBGM. Check and follow these amazing tips and tricks by PUBG mobile to reach the Conqueror tier easily.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you like it. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends.