How to play PUBG Mobile Lite on GameLoop(Tencent Gaming Buddy)| Error Code Fix

PUBG Mobile Lite can be played without any simulator error in Tencent Gaming Buddy(GamLoop). Actually, you can play PUBG Mobile Lite in any android emulator. Today I am going to share with you the right method of How to Download, Install, and Play PUBG Mobile Lite on GameLoop(TGB) emulator without facing any error code.

pubg mobile lite emulator full guide
How to play PUBG Mobile Lite on Tencent Gaming Buddy

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PUBG Mobile has been a huge success in the gaming world. People used to play exclusive games on PC but the era has changed. We don’t carry a laptop anymore. We carry our smartphones with us. These smartphones are highly capable of playing amazing games. But wait, everyone doesn’t have costly smartphones and Tencent has a solution for that too. Recently, Tencent has launched the Official Lite version of PUBG Mobile. Now, those who don’t have high-end smartphones also can enjoy this fun era of PUBG Mobile. We can play PUBG Mobile Lite on smartphones with only 1 GB of Ram.

But, we also love to play PUBG Mobile on our PCs. It feels great to play PUBG Mobile game on PC with the help of an Android emulator. But if you also want to try this new PUBG Mobile Lite in your Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator then it will not be easy. If you already have tried then you faced an error saying “Servers are too busy Error code detected-Simulator”. So, today I am going to tell you the solution of How you can Fix this Error code simulator. After that, you will be able to play PUBG Mobile Lite in your Emulators.

How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Lite on GameLoop (Tencent Gaming Buddy)

There are actually two methods to download and install PUBG Mobile Lite on GameLoop. Since the GameLoop(TGB) emulator doesn’t have the PUBG Mobile Lite app on their store. So, you need to download it with a third party app which is the old process. In this new year 2020, Gameloop has upgraded its version and gave us the feature to download any app from the google play store. So, let’s see how?

1st Method to  Download PUBG Mobile Lite on Gameloop with Xapk Installer-

First, you need to download Xapk Installer to install the PUBG Mobile Lite APK. Follow these steps now-

To Download the Xapk installer, you need to start PUBG Mobile in Tencent Gaming Buddy. After starting the PUBG Mobile game just close the game and press F9.

A second window will appear with a browser icon on the list. Open the browser and search for Xapk installer in google search. Find the Xapk installer with site address, After finding the application just download and install it.

Now, go to the browser again and search for PUBG Mobile Lite Xapk. You will find the links, just go to any of the links and download PUBG Mobile Lite Xapk File.

After downloading PUBG Mobile Lite Xapk, open the Xapk installer and find the Xapk tab. There will find all the Xapk you have in your storage. Just click on the PUBG Mobile Lite Xapk and install it.

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Note: Don’t use the Apkpure(Apkpure and both are different versions) install because it shows some bugs that can crush your Tencent gaming buddy.

2nd Method(Easy and 2020 Update)

As i mentioned, Gameloop received a great upgrade that allows us to install and play PUBG Mobile Lite or any other game directly from Google Play Store. However, we have to do some extra stuff to enable the Google Play Store app on the Gameloop emulator.  You don’t have to worry about a thing, because it is much easier and effective than the previous method I have mentioned. Follow these steps to enable google play store and download PUBG Mobile Lite on Gameloop emulator-

Open GameLoop and head to My Games>Others. Find Google Installer and Click on Download.

open gameloop and download google installer

After installing the Google Installer, Close the window and download Google Play Games.

download and install google play games on gameloop

Now Open Google Play Game and Log in with your Play Store Email ID. After logging in, you will be able to use the google play store.

Now Open a game and then exit.

Press F9, and Open Browser. In the browser, go to Google Play Store, and Search for PUBG Mobile Lite App.

Now Install the app just like you do on your phone.

Remember, PUBG Mobile Lite is not available on Gameloop, So, you need to configure the keymap setting before you play the game. After installing the game, you should be able to enter the game by logging in. So, that’s all for how to download and install PUBG Mobile Lite on Gameloop to play on Windows PC.

How to fix Simulator Error code for PUBG Mobile Lite in GameLoop

Now the Main part is Error Code Simulator Limit Fix. This is kind of a secret and today i will reveal this. You may see an error says Error Code Simulator Limit. This problem has only one solution tho.

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Actually this problem doesn’t have any fix tho you can use this trick. PUBG Mobile lite is not taking a new id. So, if you want to play by just creating a new account then it will not work. You have to find an account that is already been created in the last update. Use that old account to log in and it will not show any simulator error code in your Tencent Gaming Buddy.

If you are facing any problems with Xapk installer then you can try downloading the PUBG Mobile Lite game directly from Google Play Store.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite directly from Google Play Store-

To download games directly from Google play, just go to the browser in your Tencent Gaming Buddy. To Open the browser, start a game in your TGB emulator and close it and then press F9 on your second window.

Open the Browser and search for PUBG Mobile Lite. Several links will appear, choose the game contained on Google play store. Click on PUBG Mobile Lite- Apps on google play.

Google play store will open up. Now just find your game like you do on your phone and install it. It will automatically download and install your PUBG Mobile Lite on your TGB(GameLoop) emulator.

I hope this will help you and Fix your problem. If you have any question, write down in the comment section below.

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