How to Link Email Account in PUBG Mobile and Setup new Password

Do you know that now we can also access our PUBG mobile account with our personal E-mail account? PUBG Mobile recently added a new feature in the game. Players can now add their Email account and use Email ID and Password to access the PUBG Mobile. Today, we will learn, how to link or add an Email account with our PUBG Mobile account.

We all know that only Facebook, Twitter, and Google Play Account can be linked with the PUBG Mobile account. However, Tencent has added a new feature to the game. Now, players can add their Email and set up a new password for PUBG Mobile. After linking our personal email account, we also have to set up a login password for the game. Later we can use the Email ID and new password to access PUBG Mobile.

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How to Link Email Account in PUBG Mobile?

To Link an Email Account with PUBG Mobile, we first need to set up our account. The whole process needs an Email ID(can be Gmail or other mail ID), a verification code, and your new password to log in PUBG Mobile. Follow this picture guide on how to Link an Email account with PUBG Mobile.

Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile.

open pubg mobile and click on settings

Step 2: Go to Settings.

go to settings and click on Link

Step 3: Click on Link.

give your email address and click on get

Step 4: Give your Email Adress and Click on Get.

Enter your code and choose your password

Step 5: Your Email ID will receive a code. Put it into the blank field and Choose a Password, and then Re-Enter your Password.

How to Link Email Account in PUBG Mobile and Setup new Password 1

Final Step: Click on OK.

After this, your Email Adress will be linked with PUBG Mobile account and from now on you will be able to log into your PUBG Mobile with the Email ID and the new password.

link email account with pubg mobile and collect gift

After you link your Email address successfully, you will receive a reward. Click on the Collect button on the side of the Link button to receive the free reward.

Final words: After a very long time, PUBG Mobile has heard their player’s wish. Many of us don’t want to link their Facebook or any other social media account with the game. So, now we also can register an account by adding our Email account and set up a new password to access PUBG Mobile.

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