Hide PUBG: Best Way to Hide PUBG Mobile app in Android Phones

Want to hide the PUBG Mobile app? Many players of PUBG, play this game secretly. They don’t want to let their parents know about it. Of course, one of the great ways to do this is by hiding the application.

Let me tell you that we actually don’t need any extra app to hide PUBG app in android phones. Today, I will share with you the best tricks that will definitely get you the best solution to get your PUBG mobile app hidden.

Do you Know?

PUBG Mobile now has 400 Million players from All Over the World.

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There are many kids and young boys who love PUBG. Also, many parents are really against this online game. They don’t allow their kids to play. But I say if you don’t overdo it, then such an online game is fine to enjoy in some leisure time. It also increases your brain performance while reacting to situations.

PUBG Mobile has become a great source of Entertainment. However, this game is taken way to much seriously by the youths. But if you play the game in a manner then here is how to hide PUBG Mobile for Android phones.

3 Best Methods to Hide PUBG Mobile​

3 Best Methods to Hide PUBG Mobile

As i mentioned that there is 3 best and most simple method with which you can hide your PUBG Mobile without root. The first way to hide PUBG is really simple and it doesn’t even require any extra app installation.

In the second trick, we are going to use an app to hide PUBG. I will choose the lightest app hider for so that you don’t face any storage problem.

Also in an extra method, I will tell you how you can hide PUBG mobile app and also hide your app hider so that your parents won’t that you are using an app hider on the phone.

So the first method is-

How to Hide PUBG Mobile Without Any App

Yes, the best and easiest way to keep your PUBG Mobile app hidden. This trick needs no other extra app hider but just some changes in your setting and you are good to go.

Follow these steps to hide PUBG Mobile without App hider

  • First Go to the settings of your Android Mobile
  • Then Go to Applications> Installed Applications.
  • From here on the list, find your PUBG Mobile App and Click on it.
  • You will see a button(Force Stop). Just click on the Button and your PUBG Mobile app will no longer be available on your phone.
  • You can re-activate the app by going through the same process and Click On Launch this time. Happy Gaming.

Important: This method of hiding PUBG mobile app without app hider can get you in trouble if you have an old or low-quality phone. Sometimes the app gets auto launched and gets activated all by itself. So, here is another trick to hide PUBG app using an app hider.

Also Please Note that many android smartphones of these days don’t work with this feature. However, the new version android phones have another best way to do the trick.

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Hide PUBG app with Game Space or Game hider

Yes, most of the new version android phones including Realmi, Mi or Oppo has a system application called game space. This app is to boost your games and it also hides your games from your main menu. To hide PUBG Mobile with GameSpace follow these instructions. (Doesn’t require any extra app hider).

  • First, check if your phone has the Game Space app.
  • Now go to setting and Type Hide Games in the search bar.
  • You will see an option for hiding the games. Click on it and activate it.
  • Now you will see no game on your home screen. To find your game and open, you need to go to the GameSpace app on your Android phone.

Additional: Gamespace is more capable then just hiding games. You can use this app as an app hider too. All the apps will get hidden in your dialer app and no one will even doubt it. Just open the gamespace app and activate the app hider option. You will get a parallel space on your phonebook that allows you to hide all the apps you want to be hidden.

[NoRoot]App Freezer to Force Stop PUBG Mobile

If you don’t want to waste any storage and you just want to freeze your PUBG Mobile app or disable it for a permanent time then you should use this app called App Freezer.

  • Just Download The App from the link given above. (NO-Root Required)
  • Open the app and Select your apps and Select Freeze.
[NoRoot]App Freezer to Force Stop PUBG Mobile​

Note: This app won’t work for Redmi MIUI and Xiaomi MIUI.

Now, this next trick is very genuine and working for all the android phones. Using this app hider you can hide any application and use it from a hidden vault.

Use Light App Hider to Hide PUBG Mobile

Sometimes parents notice that there is an app hider on their phone. So, to make everything secure and safe, I am choosing an app hider called Dialer Vault-App Hider. Now, this can be also be used as a parallel app. And it’s icon is a dialer icon so no one will get it as an app hider.

Use Light App Hider to Hide PUBG Mobile​
  • First, go to this LINK.
  • Download and Install the Dialer Vault-App Hider.
  • Open the app and set your password.
  • Add your PUBG Mobile in it and you are all good to go.

The Dialer vault-app hider appears as a Dialer icon in your phone so that no one sees it as an app hider. It also shows a dialer tab instead of the password tab when you open the app. Pretty Tricky Huh?

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5 Other App Hider for No Root Android Device

Vaultis an another good app hider which work for both app hide and media hide. Its fee and effective.

Another app hider with very good user experience and easy user interface. Go for it’s Android Version.

A Light app that only hides app No root required for this application too. Go for Android.

Don’t like any of them? Don’t worry here is an another App Hider for Android.

Effective, light and good user interface. You can download this on your Android.

Final Words: So, here are the most important topic for those little PUBG Mobile lovers who haven’t got their personal phone. Use one of these tricks to Keep your PUBG Mobile game hidden while not playing. All the tips are working and genuine and you can hide your PUBG Mobile or any other app easily by doing these tricks.

I hope you like it and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.