How to Get Poring Pet in Free Fire| Draw a Poring

Poring is a new companion or a pet in the Garena Free Fire game. The new jelly-like pet was introduced with the OB20 update at the beginning of March. The Poring is a premium pet and it can only be unlocked by playing the Poring Pet Spin event in the game. Yes, we all have to spend some money and diamond in order to unlock and get the pet.

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How to get Poring pet in Free Fire

In the recent update, Free Fire had announced the new pet. The new pet is Poring pets. So want to know how to get Poring pet?

Well in this article we will be looking towards how you can get the new Poring pet.

About Poring Pet.

How to Get Poring Pet in Free Fire| Draw a Poring 2

As i already said that Poring pet is a companion like the others in Free Fire, but this one has a special skill that can protect you and get your vest repaired while it is almost destroyed.

You will see a skill called “Stitch and Patch” which is the main skill of the Poring Pet. This skill says, “Recovers 1 durability of all armour in every one second”. Know More: Garena FF: New Poring Pet Skills, Specialities, and ability details.

How to Get poring Pet

Free Fire had launched an event in which you have to draw a spin event and you will get the poring pet and actually it is quite interesting so let us know what it is. Also,

There are two spin type

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1. 1 spin that will cost 10 Diamonds
2. Total 5 spin that will cost 45 diamonds

Maybe you can call it a drawing event. Because it is already called Draw a Poring.

Draw a Poring

Guys this is not actually spin. It is something different brought up by Free Fire and is actually very interesting. We just have to

How to Get Poring Pet in Free Fire| Draw a Poring 3

You have to draw along. Yes, it is the best time to test your drawing skills.

What you will get along with the pet

Along with the pet, you will get a free Pet to emote. You will get those emotes for free when you spin.

And you will get pet fragments as well which you can use to buy the pet.

How to Get Poring Pet in Free Fire| Draw a Poring 4

Yes, you heard it correctly. You need to have 70 such fragments to redeem the pet. Along with the pet you can also redeem pet skins

Along with the poring pet, you will have a chance to win skins and pet foods also that will enable you to level up.

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