PUBG Mobile: HOW to Download KOREAN Version PUBGM and get Free Skin

Korean Version is just an update of PUBG Mobile. Players who are from Korea can download this version. Both the Korean and Global version is quite same but the Korean PUBG Mobile has a lot more gifts and reward than global PUBG. We can easily download the Korean version and play it with the help of a VPN trick. Check this now and don’t forget to comment about your experience.
  • Pros of Korean version PUBGM:-

Korean version PUBG Mobile comes with the latest updates that don’t come in the global version of PUBG. This is fully loaded with new features and if you want to download read this full article. There you get a new type of coins to use. There are some latest skins available for guns and dresses for your avatar. And there is a very good possibility of getting rare items in the crate. And sometimes the crates give you the latest dresses to tell your friends about the new skins. It is guaranteed they also gone mad for PUBG Korean version.

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  • Cons of Korean version PUBGM:-
There are some problems with Korean PUBG. 
the first problem is you can’t get all the skins and dresses after downloading the Korean version PUBG. Also, you have continued with a new account your global account is not valid in this. There are not options for events. And you even cannot connect with Facebook friends and you have just one option to play directly.

Steps for downloading:-

  1.  Open Chrome on mobile.
  2.  Click on the link given – Download
  3.     Just do the two simple steps after clicking on the download button.
  4.  Downloading starts in 5 seconds and then it starts downloading a file of 1.67 Gb.
  5.  After downloading download the Apkspure application. 
  6.  Now open the apkspure application and go to locals you find the PUBGM Korean version. 
  7.  Click on the PUBGM logo the installation starts 
  8.  Now PUBGM Korean is installed in your device.

How to get the latest dresses and skins in Korean version PUBG:-

Follow these steps to get the latest updates and skins before it launches in PUBG global.
  •  Go to Playstore and download VPN.
  •  Connect the VPN to Japan or South Korea.
  •  Now go PUBGM and congratulation you get the events options and some rare crates in PUBGM with just one click.

In every mind, you must have one question about PUBGM Korean version. What is the ping of this version?

Actually, you have to connect it to VPN first. And on connecting to VPN the speed is getting a little down. So, If just want to play and doesn’t matter about RP and all other stuff. PUBG Korean version is just for the latest updates. But there is a problem in the Korean version you can’t find the events option in this.

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How to get the latest dresses and skins in Korean version pubg
Actually, the main value of things matters to those who really love them. If you are a true gamer. Then it matters to you. But if you are new then download this PUBGM Korean version otherwise don’t because you have start from zero again.

I don’t recommend you use this PUBGM version because there are several problems as I discussed above in this article. So stay happy with your PUBG global. It is no use because if you cannot connect with your friends and play.

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