How to Contact Free Fire Customer Care Support Team

Free Fire customer care is the best way to solve any issue related to the game. Free Fire is a very popular game in which millions of people play, explore, buy things, and do much more. But this doesn’t stop here. As it is a digital game, many things can go wrong in the game. And to fix them, a whole Free Fire customer support team is there to help. all you need to do is go to their contact page and ask for help related to the game.

So, as of the Garena, it already has a page on their official site to contact Free Fire customer care for the game-related support. They actually have two pages for the support. One of them is for the game developers and the other page is for the users. From this page, users can mail them and ask anything related to the game.

Many times, we make the wrong purchase, get banned for no reason, face some glitch, etc. Also, many people lose their accounts and forget the password. In this case, our best option to solve our problems related to Free Fire game is the customer care support team. So, how do we get to the Free Fire customer support?

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How to Contact Free Fire Customer Care

It is actually very very simple to contact Free Fire customer care. Also, we must know about some facts and rules to contact them. Or else they may never reply to your questions. So, follow these steps to reach out to the Free Fire support team.

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free fire contact us page official

Check the Login Icon and log into the page with your Facebook, Email, phone number, or Free Fire User ID(In case you don’t have an account then you can still (create a new account there).

How to Contact Free Fire Customer Care Support Team 1

After logging into the page, look for the Email Us button by scrolling down.

Click on Email Us and you will be taken to the ticket page.

email free fire for customer support

Here you have to fill up the information related to your query. Select any one of the Grena products from the Category List and then select the subcategory below.

Now, you can write on the message box about your complaint or whatever the problem is. Write it with brief details and with a valid source too.

final step for how to contact free fire customer care

You can also include a screenshot below which is optional. And Click on Submit.

Free Fire Customer Contact Number:

Is there a contact number or phone number to contact Free Fire Customer care?

Many people on the Internet search for Free Fire customer care number. If you are one of them then, I am sorry to say that Free Fire doesn’t have any contact number or phone number for their players.

However, Only their exclusive members such as bloggers and youtubers have their customer care contact number to call them directly. If you also want their phone number then first you need become a social media influencer for their game Free Fire.

Remember that, many people don’t get replies from the Garena Customer Support center. A player will only get a reply or get help for their problem only if the problem is valid and legal. Don’t try to trick the Customer support team or you will never get any reply.

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Let our beloved Free Fire players know that Garena doesn’t have a customer care number for their players. Players can not register their problems or any complaint through a contact number, they can only send email or feedback from their official Garena Customer Support page.

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