How to Change Region in Free Fire using VPN without Getting Banned

I have been playing Free Fire for quite a long time now, and I have realized that Free Fire has different servers with unique content for all the different regions. So, I also wanted to know about what Free Fire looks like in different countries. Do you want to play Free Fire from a different region or country? If yes, then you can easily change your region with the use of a VPN. Today, I will give a brief guide on how to change the region in Free Fire with VPN.

In this trick, there is no chance of getting banned because we will use a different ID. Many players want to play Free Fire using a different region because they give a different experience. Also, you can get free diamonds and coins from these regions’ server other than your country.


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A region in Free Fire refers to the country server. Millions of players from different countries play Free Fire. Most of the big countries or regions have their own server. If you are from India then most likely you are using an Indian Server. There are many different servers. Check Free Fire Server list here.

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How to Change Region in Free Fire with VPN?

Free Fire differentiates its servers by region. If you want to play in different country servers, then first you need to change your region, which we are going to do with a VPN. Follow this picture guide to change region in Free Fire.

Step 1: Open Free Fire game, log out, and close it. Also, go to the Free Fire app in your phone settings and clear storage and cache data.

logout from Free Fire and clear storage and cache data from setting

Step 2: Download Turbo VPN app on your mobile and connect to any region(Country) you want to play from.

download VPN and connect to a country you want to play from

Step 3: Open Free Fire again and log in with your New Facebook ID.

How to Change Region in Free Fire using VPN without Getting Banned 1

Now you are successfully entered in a different Free Fire region. You can explore the different Free Fire content and collect Free gifts and diamonds now.

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Benefits of different Region:

From a different region, you can explore new content. You can get or buy-

  • New events.
  • New Bundles.
  • New Offers.
  • New Diamond top-up.
  • Also, there is a possibility that you can get Free Diamonds by entering into a different region.

Frequently asked questions-

Can I change the region or server in from your in-game setting?

No, we cannot change the region or servers from in-game settings. Changing region or play from a different region or server is kinda impossible> However, you change it permanently by making requests to Free Fire customer service. Check how to change Server in Free Fire Settings.

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How to change the region in Free Fire iPhone?

Follow the same guide using VPN.

How to change region in Free Fire iOS?

Same as mention in this post.

How to change my region in Free Fire?

simple, just use VPN and its done.

Final Words: So, here is the best way to change Free Fire region without doing anything wrong to your account. Since changing the region is not legal, you can use my personal trick to change the Free Fire region with VPN that i have mentioned above.

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