9 Tips on How to Avoid Hackers in PUBG Mobile and Win The Game

PUBG Mobile the very popular online battleground game is getting infamous day after day for the hackers. As we all know that millions of players play this online mobile game and many of them use cheats and hacks, and it is also quite easy to use cheats on a mobile game.
Because of the growth hackers, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new project called ‘BAN PAN‘. The project has been taken under action to wipe out all the players who use cheats but a group of experts can’t stop hundreds of thousands of Hackers in PUBGM. So, how do we avoid getting ourselves killed by hackers and win the game?
9 Tips on How to Avoid Hackers in PUBG Mobile and Win The Game
9 Tips on How to Avoid Hackers in PUBG Mobile and Win The Game
Hackers are the most annoying thing in every online game like PUBG. Players work hard to complete the half-hour match and get the chicken dinners. But these hackers kill them in every game. It is sad for the players who try so hard to push their rank but end up losing points.

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You can’t entirely avoid hackers. If there is one in your lobby then you will definitely get killed but at least you can ignore them to avoid losing many game points. In this article, you will learn how to spot cheaters and how to ignore them. If you avoid them and die at the end of the game, at least you will lose fewer game points right? So, let us get started-

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What are the Hackers?

How does hack work in PUBG Mobile?

Spot a Hacker in PUBG Mobile.

Tips on How to Avoid Hackers.


What are the Hackers?

Hackers are literally in every online video games including the PUBG Mobile. We face hackers in PUBG Mobile in every third match these days. Many people think that these hackers are always better in playing and that is why they make so many kills but in reality, they were using cheats that allow them to shoot through walls, jump higher, walk at a car’s speed, etc.

With these features, anyone can easily kill a player who is playing fairly in the game. Basically, the hackers are those people who are so weak in the game. The players who don’t know how to play, use hacks or cheats.

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How does hack work in PUBG Mobile?

These cheats/hacks are some kinds of coded applications that can be used to redesign the game environment and it changes the game rules for the player himself PUBG Mobile.

By using these hacks, a player can kill anyone in any situation. Yes, You can kill someone who is behind a wall, you can see any one’s position on the map, you can spot your enemies from miles away, and also you will be able to kill anyone with a single shot of bullet. No matter what level of armor he is wearing.

You can get banned after using these cheats but stubborn players still use these hacks and use cheats like wallhack, super jump, super bullet, magic bullet, high jump, speed hack, headshot only, etc.

If there is a hacker in your lobby, you can not run from it but at least you can be aware and try not to get killed at the very beginning of the game. To do so, you need to spot the hacker fast. You have recognized him and remember him to avoid him for the rest of the game.

Remember: Playing with teammate using hacks is also illegal that can lead your PUG Moile account to permanent Ban.

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Spot a Hacker in PUBG Mobile

First thing first, if you really want to avoid the hackers or ignore the cheaters and go for the chicken dinner then the first thing you must learn is how to spot a hacker. To spot a hacker, you need to be very clear about certain things that I am going to discuss.

In these tips, you will learn some of the best tactics to spot a hacker, and also you will know more things that have never know before about the hackers.

1. The number one best way to check whether someone is hacking or not is how often they hit all of its targets. 


If you are with a squad member who is knocking down every single target and he is using m416 and his bullets are hitting every single shot. 




Or, you are in Pochinki, and your teammate is going after every single enemy then you might get suspicious. It is not possible to know every enemy’s location in the buildings too. 


Well, if your teammate is a streamer, he plays tens of hours a day. So, he can be a very good player.
But if someone from your team hitting a 900-meter target with a vector then you can be sure about him to be a hacker and report him as soon as you get the chance.


2. Another great way to determine, whether your teammate is a hacker or not is to check if they are playing alone. Many times, when you team up with hackers who play alone because they want to wipe out the whole squad alone to enjoy the game.
Of course, more kills mean more fun right? Everyone agrees to land at hot sports but when a hacker comes in your team, he will never accompany you because he knows that being with the team might get him into trouble.
They may notice him hacking and report him. So, if you find your teammate sneaking out everywhere alone and killing one squad after another then you might get the idea of a hacker in your team.

3. Another great way to tell if your teammates are hacking or not by watching how nervous they are while playing the game or taking a fight. You can observe the streamers, even they will hesitate on time.

No one just run and gun all the time. There is the time when we all have to sit back and plan for something better or take cover behind a tree or a rock. but this doesn’t apply for someone who already is using cheats.

Survey the situation, you will know the difference. Be smart and observe, if your teammate is a hacker than he will never think twice or sit back and watch if the enemy comes out from the house.
He is will just rush every single time and kill all the enemies. He has a health hack on and that is why he never cares about the situation.
His 2000 health bar will surely save him even he is spotted in the middle of a field. He will steam get the kills after taking so many shots in that situation.


4. Now, another most obvious way to check if someone is hacking or not is to observe his speed. It is totally awkward seeing people speed hack in 2020 in PUBG Mobile game but they still do which is really easy to spot.
Players can hack their running speed so that they can travel at 5X speed than speed. Then it is pretty obvious to spot.
If you haven’t notice that, you are an idiot. In some cases, you get killed before you even spot the hacker. In such a case, use the kill cam to check if the player is moving at a high speed and then report them.


5. Another great way to detect a hacker to see how they are using their weapon. There are many players who are very good at the game and they can use the hardest weapon like SKS, Mk47, etc without having any recoil problem.
But there is a difference because everyone has a limit. At a point, these guns will move here and there if your shoot them continuously. But not in the case of hackers.
A player who is using hacks can also fully control the recoil. An AKM will not even move from its target if he is using the recoil control hack.
So, as long as you see a player using AKM with literally 0 recoils then you will definitely understand that he is a hacker for sure.

Top 9 tips on How to Avoid Hackers in PUBG Mobile

Avoid PUBG Mobile Hackers
Avoid PUBG Mobile Hackers
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These days Every PUBG Mobile matches have hackers in it. Not even in the classic matches but also in the arcade mode and EvoGround modes we can see hackers. Hackers are very hard to kill. They always have many cheats and hacks and because of that, they are always many steps ahead from a norma player who is enjoying a fair play game.

However, if you are pushing your rank then the game points are very important for you. and you can not lose any of the points you have gained from other matches. So, what we do to save our valuable points. If there is a hacker in the lobby we must have to avoid to save our game points because a normal player can’t kill a hacker.

So, I will share with you some effective tips that can be used to escape from a hacker or avoid hackers in order to survive in the PUBG Mobile game.

1. Play Indian Lobby

Play Indian Lobby
Play Indian Lobby

You will that players from foreign countries like Indonesia and China use hacks and cheats in the game. I am saying that Indian players don’t use hacks.

But we mostly find people from these countries having different kinds of names use hacks. So, never go to the lobby which has a long matchmaking time.

2. Use Miramar Map

Use Miramar Map
Play Miramar Map

If you are so frustrated with Erangel because of hackers in every match then it is time to give up on the map and play some Miramar Matches.

Miramar is a really big map that has less popularity and a hacker will never go to Miramar and struggle all-around for a single kill. So, Use Miramar map to avoid hackers because hackers are not struggler but you are.

3. Play Vikendi Map

Play Vikendi Map
Play Vikendi

Vikendi is also a good choice for fair players. With less popularity, this map is not only the coolest but also very enjoyable.

The great news is, Vikendi is never famous for hackers. As hackers always try to get easy kills, it is pretty hard to find people in an unknown map like Vikendi. So, a noob hacker player will never work hard by going these kinds of maps.

In this way, you can enjoy your game and avoid hackers at the same time.

4. Avoid playing with Emulator Players

Avoid playing with Emulator Players
Avoid playing with Emulator Players

A very important point. Mostly an emulator player can be seen using hacks and cheats in PUBG mobile. So, if you play with your friends using an emulator then you will surely see the hacker in your matches.

This is because it is very easy to use hacks in PC emulators. Also, you will find a tougher opponent if you are in a mobile platform playing with emulator users. So, avoid playing with emulator players to avoid hackers.

5. Look Around while in the Spawn Island

Look Around while in the Spawn Island
Look Around while in the Spawn Island

Another great tip to avoid hackers is to always stay alert and look for hackers while you are on the spawn island.

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Most of the hackers test their cheats at the beginning of the game. So, if you notice any hacker in the lobby then leave the lobby right away.

In this way, you will be able to avoid hackers from killing you and most importantly, you won’t lose any game points either.

6. Stay Away from Hot Drops

Stay Away from Hot Drops
Stay Away from Hot Drops

Where there are more people there are hackers. A hacker always wants to go to crowded places to test his cheating skills.

Also, a person who is hacking will try to get as many kills as possible and do that he will look for people on the hotspot and famous places like Greorgopol, Pochinki, Military base, etc.

So, Always stay away from Hot Drops and play as much safe as possible to survive. Go around the circle and try to survive till the end if you at least don’t want to lose your game points by dying in the hands of a hacker.

7.  Play FPP(First Person Shooter)

Play FPP(First Person Shooter)
Play FPP mode

PUBG Mobile is a popular game and also it’s very much known TPP mode. Not many people play FPP mode in the mobile version of PUBG.

Also, hackers are a kind of patience for fewer creatures. They will never go to a match that takes too much time to start. So, there will be a 0.1% chance to encounter a hacker in the FPP mode.

So, if you really want to enjoy the PUBG Mobile game with all other Fairplay players. Just switch to FPP mode and Enjoy!!!

8. Never Forgive, Always Report

Never Forgive, Always Report
Never Forgive, Always Report

Never Forgive the hackers. Maybe you are meeting with a hacker for the first time or you don’t play PUBG Mobile so much and that is why you don’t feel like reporting those hackers, but you are wrong.

Never forgive those hackers, I repeat never. PUBG Mobile team is trying hard with the Project BAN PAN to eliminate all the hacker and provide a Fairplay PUBG Mobile game Environment for us.

So, Join the community and never think twice. Do a direct report after you see a hacker in your game.

9. Play like a Thief

Play like a Thief
Play like a Thief

What can we do? A hacker can never be defeated. You can kill them sometimes tho. Several Pro players have shown their skills by killing the hackers in PUBG Mobile.

So, either be a pro or play like a thief. Yes, in case you are not so good and saw a player who is hacking in your match. He may be killing all the players he can find and you are watching him on the kill feed then you should get alert right away.

Conclusion: In such a situation. Play careful, slow and watch your every step like a thief. Never expose yourself and never take a fight. Just snake for your life. It doesn’t sound worthy but it is when it comes to your valuable Rank Points right!?

PUBG Mobile is really a great game, and if you are a fan already then you will know how much it matters to play this game and try hard for the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the next half hour.

Still many people who are very much new at the game and yet want some good results to use third-party applications to cheat and hack in the game which is the worst thing for fair players like us.

What can be done? We can struggle or we can fight. We can use these valuable tips I have mentioned how to avoid hackers in PUBG Mobile and enjoy the game at least a little ahead.

So, don’t forget to give them a try if you encounter any hackers or cheaters in PUBG Mobile, and also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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