Free Fire: Get Redeem Code For Free Pet Crate by GAMER’S ZONE

If you are a Free Fire lover then you will surely know about the pets in this game. Garena has introduced pets at the very beginning of the game. These pets are not even ordinary. Like the characters of Free Fire, these pets also have specialities that will surely amaze you. 

You can use these pets for your protection and even heal yourself. Recently Free Fire released a new pet called poring that makes your armor fully indestructible. But apart from all of these, do you know that you can get these pets for free?

Free Fire is becoming the best ever online battleground game. These days, even PUBG Mobile is getting failed to complete these games. However, Garena Free Fire also has many amazing contents creates who are helping the game to grow even more. These amazing content creators are providing guides, tips, and exclusive free gifts to the Free Fire lovers.

pet crate redeem code free fire

Get Pet Redeem Code for Free

Recently, a famous YouTuber with more than 1 Million subscribers has announced that all the Free Fire players can get a chance to get free redeem codes for free pet crates. Each player can get only one free pet to redeem code from his Instagram account.

Free Fire Gamer’s Zone is an official Free Fire tips and tricks and updates reviewing channel who have almost 1 million subscribers in his channel. He recently opened a free contest for his subscribers and asked them to visit his Instagram channel.

His Instagram Name is Promit_YT and he is providing 20 Redeem code and each redeem code can be used for a free pet crate in Free Fire game. Players can directly visit his Instagram and follow him to check his daily redeem codes on his story.

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Let you all know that each player can use only one redeem code per day. The other codes must be used by different accounts. So, hurry up and get the codes before it gets all used up.

Final Words: Free Fire is a great game and it is becoming more and more popular these days. Also, this game is known for great and exclusive rewards and free gifts. Recently, the game has released a new character Kapella. This new character has much special ability and it’s special event allows you to get this character for free by doing a 100 diamond top-up.

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