PUBGM Redeem Code: How to Get Fireworks for free | April

PUBG Mobile is again going viral because of another new redeem code. This redeem code is for the players who love the fireworks which have recently been added by PUBGM.

Fireworks one of the coolest thing in PUBG Mobile and every player love to have them and use them in the lobby. So, are you out of your firework? Today in this article I am going to share with you another new redeem code to claim fireworks for free in PUBG Mobile.

Let everyone know that this redeems code for free firework is new and not expired. This free firework redeem code has been shared by PUBG Mobile in this very month(April).

Not even you and I every one wanted the latest skins and dresses. So PUBGM decided to give away a free gift code to their regular players. The Fireworks looks very cool in PUBG. Actually, we have a code to share with you and you can redeem it to get fireworks for free.

Redemption center

PUBG Mobile Firework Redeem Code

Want PUBG Mobile Fireworks? If you are also a firework lover like me then here is another valid Firework redeem code. Here is how to get free firework in with a new April redeem code.

  • UKUZBZGWF– Gift code for the free firework.
  • Use this code in the PUBG Mobile redemption page.
  • Get free fireworks directly in your inventory.

Didn’t gets it. I guess you are new. If you are, then follow these below step by step tutorial to claim your free firework with the given redeem code.

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HOW to Get Fireworks for free with new redeem code

Follow these steps to get 2 fireworks (Popularity Item) for free-

1. Open PUBG Mobile Redemption Center. Read the page properly.

HOW to Get Fireworks for free with new redeem code

2. Enter your Character ID and the Redeem Code(UKUZBZGWF) correctly.

3. Enter the verification code correctly for human verification.

4. Click on the Redeem Button.

PUBGM Redeem Code: How to Get Fireworks for free | April 1

5. Now, it will show you a popup and click “ok” if the details are correct.

6. Open your Game email. And you find a new email showing collect option.

Fireworks for free with new redeem code

8. After clicking on collect it will show congratulations you got FIREWORKS in your inventory.

FIREWORKS is a popular item and it is the most valuable item in PUBG mobile. If you have 1 firework then your popularity score is 100.

There are so many fake codes that other people use to gain attention but we are sharing this and it can be used a number of times. So, you have to use it now by using our steps. As you know about PUBG policy any type of hacking can’t be bear. And PUBG will ban you immediately.

Now, why I am telling you this? because this is a trick and officially declared by PUBG. You don’t have to think about legal or illegal. Almost every people want to get FIREWORKS. PUBG is very concerned about its players so giving away these codes almost every month. If you wanted to get some cool GUN SKINS and FIREWORKS stay connected with us.

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Final words: There are so many codes upcoming this year and every month. The items that are coming in these codes are very rare and expensive to buy.

If you come there with reading it completely then you can’t use the code properly ( you does some mistake while using code). So, I request you to read properly.

If you came there late then code may not work but that doesn’t mean we are giving fake code’s because it can be used a limited numbers of times.

Don’t waste time just go and redeem your code by using our genuine steps. I repeat this is not hacking the FIREWORKS work and this is an official trick published by PUBG mobile.

I hope find it helpful and don’t forget to share with your friends.