PUBG Mobile: How to Get All New Redeem Codes Officially

PUBG Mobile is proving new redeem codes to its players every single month. At first, everyone thought that this is a limited event but these codes are still coming from somewhere that very few people know. However, if you wait for the content creator to share these codes for you, you can never use these codes for yourself because these codes are for limited users and they are very much in demand. 

Yes, redeem codes get expired as soon as they are released by the official PUBG Mobile team. So, how and where do we find these PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes?

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How to Get New Redeem Codes

Let you all know that PUBG Mobile shares these redeem codes or free gift codes on their social media platform or communities. Many people think that they will find the newest codes on the websites which is not true.

To find every new redeem code provided by PUBG Mobile officials, you need to stay active as much as possible. You just need to follow them in every social platform and communities of PUBG Mobile and wait for their call if you really want to use the codes before it gets expired.

How to get New Redeem Codes​

Most of the time PUBG Mobile officials shares these free redeem codes to their discord channel. They also announced many gifts and giveaways for their official discord subscribers. You just need to join the PUBG Mobile Discord Server from here and you are all good to go.

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Sometime PUBG Mobile also shares some special event gifts and rewards like redeeming codes on their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Go and follow them and stay active and read their every post if you are really interested to get some free gits with redeem codes before it gets used up by everyone.
Good Luck.

Final Words: PUBG Mobile provides free redeem codes every now and then but these free gift codes are limited. If you always tried these codes and never got any free gifts yet then you are just too slow. Go and Follow PUBG Mobile and read their every post to get their free giveaways and reward before it gets finished up.

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