3 Ways to Get a Free M416 Gun skin in PUBG Mobile Season 15

PUBG Mobile is a game that everyone loves to play on their phones. This game has a variety of guns and outfits. One of the most wanted gun skin is the M416 skin. Almost every player wants to have an m416 gun skin but not everyone wants to spend money on it. So, today I will give you tips and ways to get free m416 gun skin in PUBG mobile Season 15.

Season 15 is about to arrive, players are getting crazy after M416 gun skin in the Royal Pass event. Every new season has new skins but this crazy cool thing has a price to pay. Some of the skins are very cool and also they are very expensive. It will be best if we can get it free. So, let’s see if there is a way to get an M4 skin for free in this new Season 15.

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Whenever it comes to exclusive gun skins for the best guns, PUBG Mobile never gives it free. Gun skins like AWM, M416, AKM, GROZA, etc are very expensive to buy. It needs a lot of UC to purchase them. but today I am going to share 3 tips and tricks on how to get a Free M4 skin in Season 15.

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There is no 100% possibility that every trick is going to work and get you free skin but using these tricks, you can easily unlock M416 gun skins for absolutely free-

  • Silver Fragment trick
  • Use Redeem Codes
  • PUBG Mobile Events
3 ways to get free m416 gun skin for free in Season 15

3 Ways to Get a Free M416 Gun Skin in Season 15

A player can only unlock a free m416 gun skin by trying these tricks. If you don’t try you can never get your skin. Now, I will be explaining these 3 tricks that you should try to get a free m416 skin. Follow them carefully.

Let you know all know that these free m416 tricks are not any hack or illegal stuff. There is no mods and there is no chance for getting banned for these tricks. Players can try them without any risk.

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Silver Fragment trick

Silver Fragmanents are free to get in PUBG Mobile. We can use them on many things but we can also use silver fragments to buy golden m416 gun skin. Yes, Every one of us can use this trick for a free m416 gun skin in Season 15.

Silver Fragment trick for free m416 skin in season 15

Let you know that there is no other skin but only the golden M416 gun skin can be unlocked for free with the Silver fragment. Follow these steps to get a golden m416 for free-

Go to PUBG Mobile.
Go to the Shop section.
And then go to Redeem.

Use M416 Redeem Codes

Redeem Codes are also one of the best ways to get a gun skin for free. Every once in awhile PUBG Mobile provides free gun skin redeem codes. Recently, an exclusive M416 Gun skin was given to all the players for free. However, the free m416 gun skin redeems codes are for limited use only. You can check it here and try your luck.

use redeem codes to get free m4 gun skin

Redeem code is a great and genuine way to get a free M416 gun skin. however, we can not get M416 gun skin every time. If you wish to get more latest to redeem codes before it gets expired then you must stay updated on PUBG Mobile Official Discord Server. There PUBG Mobile reveals its new redeem codes.

PUBG Mobile Events and Royal Pass

PUBG Mobile Events and season 15 Royal Pass​

Many of us want to get M416 gun skins right after their release. It can be expensive but every M416 gun skin worth it. To get the best M416 gun skin, the only way to participate in the events or buy Royal Pass. New PUBG Mobile events and Royal Pass brings new gun skins. Playing these events can get you free m416 gun skin for sure.

Conclusion: Get Free M416 Gun Skin in Season 15

Final Words: All these tips are must-try tips if you really want to get an M4 gun skin for free in this Season 15. PUBG Mobile always brings new skins only for M416 guns. So, You have to keep exploring new events and participate in them before you lose your chance for the free M4 Skin.

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There are other ways to get PUBG Mobile game stuff for free. You are very much welcome to explore our website and find out more Free PUBG mobile gun skins to collect. I hope you find this post helpful.

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