Free Fire Wonderland Event Details: Free Legendary Gun Skin and more

Once again the viral online game Free Fire Battleground brings another big event to the game. Yes, a brand new event called Free Fire Wonderland Event is already taking a lot of discussions through the Free Fire lovers.

This event will bring many sub-event. These sub-event will get you a lot of free items, rewards, game challenges and more free legendary gun skin, Parachute Skin, Bunny Outfit and more.

So, how can we get these event rewards from the Free Fire Wonderland Event? Check Details below.

Free Fire game had already taken a maintenance update on 8th April. This new wonderland event is already live on other regional servers. According to the information, some of the servers are giving Moonlight farmers, and some of them are giving crazy bunny M514 skin. We are not sure which skin is going to come as a free reward in this upcoming dreamland event. So, let talk about the other sub-events and free rewards coming with this very event.

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Free Fire Wonderland Event Details

The Wonderland event of the free fire has already come in the other servers and it will arrive on live Indian servers on 8th April. The event starts with 3 sub-events. These sub-events have various types of missions and tasks that will give you a chance to collect exclusive rewards and gifts.

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Players will get colourful eggs as a reward and use them for the other free in-game items like free gun skins and vouchers.

The sub-events are basically divided into 3 parts which are-

  1. Play With Friends
  2. Call Back Your Friends
  3. Collect Mysterious Eggs
Play With Your Friends

Play With Your Friends to get HEADSET

This sub-event called Play with your friend has several game rewards. This event started on 8th April and it will expire on 12th April.

In this event, players will need to play classic or ranked matches with their friends or squad members to receive exclusive gifts like weapon royale voucher, diamond voucher, and a permanent helmet for free. The 3 Play With Friends missions are given below-

  • Play 1 match with Squad member for 1 Weapon Royale Voucher.
  • Play 3 match with Squad member for 1 Diamond Royale Voucher.
  • Play 6 match with Squad member for 1 Bunny Helmet.

Call Back Your Friends Event

Call Back Your FriendsCall Back Your Friends is another sub-event of the FF Wonderland Event. The event will be live in-game on 9th April and it will get expired on 15th April. This event also has some exclusive gifts that can be claimed after inviting players who are not playing this Free Fire game for quite a long time.

This sub-event will get you a free weapon royale voucher and also a legendary gun skin as you can see in the

Collect Mysterious Eggs and Get Legendary Gun Skin

Get Legendary Gun SkinThe wonderland event will also start with various sub-event called Collect Mysterious Eggs. It will start on 12th April and End on 20th April. This event will bring 3 different eggs. There are 3 kinds of eggs which are blue, red, and green. The green ones are the rarest item.

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Players will get the blue eggs every day like a login reward. They will also get the red eggs in some specific days but the green eggs can only be found from a big green egg that will only be available in the lobby.

After collecting these eggs, players can use these eggs to get free game items-

  • You will get a free parachute skin in exchange for 5 red eggs.
  • Get a Bunny mask in exchange for 10 blue eggs.
  • Get one big green egg in exchange of 4 blue eggs
  • 4 red eggs will get you 1 gold royal voucher. and
  • Get one legendary Gun skin in exchange for 40 blue eggs and 12 red eggs.

More Wonderland Event rewards and gifts

Free Fire also has several other rewards as their Wonderland log in rewards waiting for their players.

After this update, players will get rewards for playing Classic Mode games and Ranked mode games. The first day Log in will get you an Awakening Sherd. 1 Diamond Royale Voucher for playing 2 classic or ranked mode games. 1 weapon royale voucher for playing 4 classics and ranked mode games. And a Bunny Egghunter outfit for playing 6 classic or ranked mode games.

So, don’t forget to play classic or ranked mode games after this Wonderland update and collect these rewards.

Final Words: So, guys here are all the event rewards and sub-event rewards for the upcoming Wonderland update. There are many more rewards and free gifts are waiting for you in the event. Players will also get rewards for completing 10,000m, 20,000m, and 40,000m distance travel.

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Source says the last reward for travelling 40,000m distance will get you an exclusive mask. So, Stay connected to our page and don’t forget to check your Free Fire game for this update.

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