Garena Free Fire to remove Kar98k from Clash Squad(CS) Mode| Why?

Garena Free Fire once again to make a big change in the game. As we all know that the Summer event is yet to come in Free Fire. In the coming few days Garena will bring a brand new event for the Summer special event. But before that, the game has already decided to make a great change which is to remove the Kar98k gun from CS Mode.

Class Squad(CS) Mode is one of the most played game mode in Free Fire. If you are a Free Fire player then you will know that Kar98k gun an easy to find the gun in the clash quad mode and also it is the strongest.

It is very easy to get a Kar98k in Clash Squad Mode, and also it is very easy to kill an enemy with the gun. We always experience that one single bullet of the Kar98k gun is enough to kill an enemy and if you have the kar98k bolt action rifle than no one can defeat you.

It almost destroyed the game balance and it can be really felt. If your opponent in clash squad mode has Kar98k gun then, you are never going to win a bottle with any other normal gun.

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kar98k replaced with famas in clash squad mode
Kar98k replaced with Famas in Clash Squad(CS) Mode

So, to maintain the game balance, Free Fire has finally removed the Kar98k gun from the classic clash squad mode and rank clash squad mode, as you can see in the new lobby gun inventory image.

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Player’s will now see the famas gun which is an auto assault rifle in the place of Kar98k. You can take it as a replacement.

One of the major reasons for removing the kar98k from Clash Squad mode is user feedback. A lot of people have given their feedback to remove the bold action rifle Kar98k from the game and Free Fire finally replacing it with the famas rifle.

It is a good thing to know that Free Fire is finally taking care of the user’s feedback to improve the game even better. You also can share your thoughts for Free Fire with Garena by going to Here.

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