Garena FF: New Poring Pet Skills, Specialities, and ability details

Garena Free Fire‘s new Poring Pet is finally in the game. As we all know that last this Indian Battle royale game Free Fire announced to bring a new pet called Poring. This pet came live in FF some days ago. We can get this pet by playing a draw spin event that went live in the game on 20th March and it is going to expire on 27th March 2020.

However, the new Poring Pet has amazing skills, specialities like the others. Not every Pet but this one has a speciality to give a protection boost to the player, and today we are going to tell you about the new Poring pet Skills, Special abilities and some other related details.

Garena FF: New Poring Pet Skills, Specialities, and ability details 1

But before that, I should let you all know that the new Poring pet needs a lot of Free Fire diamonds to unlock. So, if you really want to unlock Poring Pet for yourself then first you need to learn and understand about its skills, what it can really do for you in the game, and how to use it.

New Poring Pet Speciality, Skills, and Abilities

Poring pets have one special skill that can really help players to get a Booyah. Poring’s special ability is to protect your armour is so perfect for a rough free fire moment. It can basically protect and repair your armour or that we call it a vest. 

You will see a skill called “Stitch and Patch”  which is the main skill of the Poring Pet. This skill says, “Recovers 1 durability of all armour in every one second”. Let you know that this goes only for the max level Poring. The Max level Poring will repair your armour’s health by 1 in every 1 second until it gets full, but lesser than 7th or max level poring will repair your damaged vest by 1 in every 3 seconds or so. Maybe the less level of poring you have the slower it works.(just a concept, not tried it yet.)

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poring pet speciality skills

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It says,” Armour Upto level 3 will not be destroyed”. This means no matter how many damages you take your vest will not be destroyed completely. It will stay with 1 health and soon will start to regenerate because of the Poring Pet you have. ( Won’t work with Level 4 Vest).

Another major advantage of the Poring Pet is, it reduces the damage you take while in a vest/armour.

Also, you must know that not destroying the vest doesn’t mean you will not die. You can die but your vest remains indestructible.

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Other Poring Pet Details

Some other knowable things are, the Poring pet has 7 levels. You can use diamonds or use upcoming even to max it up. It comes with 4 different skins in which the first two skins are free but the other two can only be unlocked with diamonds in Free Fire.

other details

Also, this new pet has 4 different dancing emotes which are really cool. This dancing emotes will only unlock when you level up your pet.

So, here are the basic details and information for the new Poring pet in Garena FF. I hope you all like it and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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