Free Fire: Latest Redeem Code List| October 2020

Free Fire is one of the most played games in India. This game is also very popular in other countries. Besides PUBG or other mobile battle royal games, this game is on the list of most revenue earned games too. Free Fire is a free to play game and it earns revenue from the in-game purchase. A player can get more features and cool stuff for his character if he buys premium items from the game. However, we can also get premium stuff for free with the redeem codes.

Premium skins, characters, and many more features that are only available after purchasing give you extra benefits in Free Fire. Many players spend money on all these but not all. People like you and me who don’t want to spend money can get the premium items for free and today I am here with some tips and the latest redeem codes that you can use to get free diamonds and buy gun skins and your favorite characters with it.


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Free Fire Redeem Codes:

People are using redeem codes for gifts and rewards in Free Fire for a long time. These redeem codes are provided by the Garena Free Fire team especially. These codes can be mostly be found on the official Facebook page of Free Fire. I would suggest you follow Free Fire Facebook and Free Fire Instagram.

All you need to do is stay updated and keep checking their post for new redeem code surprises. You can also keep checking on their Free Fire twitter handle for more updates.

Another way to receive redeem codes is from the YouTuber. Many big Free Fire Youtuber provide redeem codes giveaways for their subscribe and you can participate in it to win free redeem codes.

Well, if you are not so good at participating giveaways and have the patience for it then, there is another way we can get our own redeem codes for free-

Yes, we can buy redeem codes just like we buy our top-up. But today we are going to share with you guys the latest redeem codes for free fire in October 2020.

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How to get Free Fire Redeem Codes easily

Well, as I already mentioned that you can buy redeem codes from various websites just like a player can purchase diamonds top-up. Instead of purchasing diamond top-ups, you can purchase the redeem code for the exact amount of diamond you want.

You can purchase redeem codes and gift them to your friends. Here is how to get free redeem codes in Free Fire-

First of all download, the app called Merge Sports Car.

how to get free fire redeem codes

Install the app and play the game to get points.

Redeem the points and redeem 5$ Google Gift Cards with it.

You can also use the referral program for more earnings.

Watch the video for more details.

List of Latest Redeem Codes for free in October 2020

Free Fire: Latest Redeem Code List| October 2020 1

Every once in awhile Free Fire brings new redeem codes for the player. These codes are only for limited uses. So, you are not lucky enough then it is useless for you. To get the redeem codes first and use it, you have to be quick with the Free Fire updates.

Today we have a long list of the latest redeem codes we could collect in October 2020. You can try your luck and try them

These codes are genuinely provided by the Free Fire officials in September. Maybe there are expired but some of them are still working. So, you can give it a try to receive a benefit from them.

  • SPEH-G6UG-8AM9
  • SPEH-GM8H-5VL8
  • SPEH-GD8N-L72T
  • SPEH-G0S7-N653
  • SPEH-GBMR-836F
  • SPEH-G93U-K2LW

So, here are all the latest redeem codes for Free Fire released on September. Maybe it is not too late for you to give them a try. Most of the redeem codes are for simple items. Still, they are free which is better than nothing.

Apart from these, here are some random redeem codes from the Internet. Many articles on the internet claim to be genuine with their redeem codes. Some of them are fake but some other are still working. Get them before these Free Fire redeem codes get expired.

  • FFIM – VJX2 – UZPA
  • FF3M – D4GW – 9RGR
  • FFIM – 6VDS – P9L2
  • 7859 – 2BAC – SWAS
  • 7859-2X97 – HEQ3
  • 7859 – 2TTS – U6WD
  • 7859 – 24QR – RYGN

Some more Redeem Codes to try

Also, check these redeem codes for loot crate redeem codes.

UEHM-P9L2-2B3J: 2x Famas Vampire Weapon Loot Crate.

FFBB CVQZ 4MWA: Gun Crate, Gloo Wall skin, and Dab Emote.

FF FF3M-D4GW-9RGR: 1x Hayato Bobble-Head and 1x Weapon Royale Voucher.

These redeem codes are very easy to use. All you need to do is go to the redemption page of Free Fire and put your redeem code along with the Player ID and submit. If you have never done t before then just follow these steps and redeem your code easily.


How to use Free Fire redeem code?

Follow these steps and do it as it says-

how to use redeem codes in free fire

Go to Free Fire redemption website.

There are 4 different ways to log in. If you have made your Free Fire account with Facebook then click on Facebook or you also go with the other 3 options.

free fire redeem code how to use

After successful login to it, paste the redeem code into the redeem code blank field and then click on Confirm.

This will confirm if your redeem code is valid or expired. If you are code is valid, your reward will be sent to your account.

So, with these are all the Free Fire redeem codes you can get for now. Most of these redeem codes are for small rewards like gold or diamonds. If they don’t work then you don’t lose hope, there will be more in the future. Just subscribe to our website Games Info Point and stay updated for more.

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