Free Fire Awm Guide: 5 Pro Tips on How to Use Awm Sniper

AWM is a great gun for those who love long-distance flights and sniping in the Garena Free Fire game. The viral online battle royale game is always one step ahead when it comes to exclusive guns. Like all the FPS games, this game also has some best guns, and Awm is one of them. Today, I will be sharing my personal Free Fire Awm guide. Yes, the best tips for Awm that I personally use to get more kills.

With these 5 Free Fire tips how to use AWM, you will not only learn how to use Awm perfectly but also, you will see how to use double Awm without reloading. So, before we head into the topic, let’s know some important information about Free Fire’s best gun Awm.

Intel: Amw

Gun: Sniper Rifle

Ammo: SniperAmmo

Attachments: Muzzle, Silencer, and Magazine.

Default Mag Capacity: 5 bullets.

Max Mag Capacity: 10 bullets.

free fire awm skin

In the Free Fire game, Awm is a sniper rifle that has the highest damage among all the guns. The Awm sniper was introduced in Free Fire at the beginning of the release of the game.

AWM is a very useful and strong gun. We can kill enemies with one shot and that is why the Awm sniper is one of the most loved guns in the game.

Pros: No 1 Sniper for long-range shooting in Free Fire. Its huge damage point is enough to kill one enemy with a single head shot. Best for long-distance flight.

Cons: The longest reload time is what makes it the worst gun too. AWM is not for short-distance fights but if you want to use double Awm then there are some better tips I am going to share today in this article.

1. Master Awm Sensitivity

Unlike other games, Free Fire has a different sensitivity setting for AWM scope. The Awm Sniper has an attached scope, and its sensitivity setting is only applicable to itself only.

I would suggest you to set the Awm sensitivity to 100. This will make your Awm scope move properly to shoot at a moving target.

free fire awm sensitivity setting

Every once in a while we need to shoot at a moving target from the distance. If we use an AWM in Free Fire then first we have to Master Awm sensitivity. Setting the Awm sensitivity at 100 is not enough. You also need to master the new sensitivity for Awm. You can play some simple matches to do the Job.

In case, you use this sensitivity on 30-50 then, it will be very difficult for you to keep up with a running enemy from a distance. You will have to slide your fingers several times to move the scope faster.

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2. Use Laura Character with Awm

use laura for best awm accuracy in shooting free fire

Laura is a Free Fire special character best known for aiming accuracy. The game has introduced Lara a long time ago. If you are a regular Free fire player than you will know about Lara very well.

So, Laura increases your aiming accuracy, that means, if you are shooting at a target using Lara, then your bullet will hit the target even if your cursor is not on the exact position.

So, if you use Laura Character with Awm than there will be very little chance to miss a target. In this way, you can have better accuracy and better gameplay with Awm.

3. Best Awm Shooting Accuracy Tip

In this trick, we will set our emoji icon in the middle of the screen. to do that-

just go to the settings and then go to Controls.

Head to the Custom Hud and then bring the emoji icon in the center, where the aim cursor appears.

After that, make the icon small. You can decrease icon size by decreasing the size bar of the icon on the screen.

Now, that you have set a small round icon in the center. You won’t get any difficulty while aiming with no scope because your new emoji cursor is big and more visible than ever.

4. How to use Awm without reloading

use awm without reloading in free fire

Reloading speed for Awm is a great issue for all of us. This sniper rifle takes too much time to get reloaded once we shoot all the bullets of its mag. So, to get rid of this, I must share a tip with you all. This tip is going to solve the Awm reloading time completely.

Just whenever you are using an Awm, press shoot and then reload right after pressing the shoot button.

Yes, you heard me right. Whenever you are shooting at an enemy with Awm. Just press the reload button right after pressing the fire button in Free Fire.

This will reload your Awm in less than one second and you will never have to reload the whole magazine again.

Also, you can increase the reload button size a little and bring it closer to the Fire button. So, that you can press both continuously without delay. I hope you understand.

5. Awm Gun Combination

best awm combination with groza

Additionally, Free Fire has other cool guns that are also very powerful and handy. The Kar98k is also a very good sniper but it can not penetrate the level 3 helmet. A single headshot with Awm can directly knock down or kill an enemy and this is why everyone likes the AWM very much.

6. Hold Fire to Scope

Another best thing to do with the Awm is to set its setting to hold and fire. The Hold and Fire mode comes very handily when it comes to shooting a moving target at a distance. Players always try to scope in first and then move their cursor to aim and then shoot. All these 3 things take much more effort which is not so got when a target is moving.

I personally use the Hold fire to scope mode. Because when I am aiming at an enemy, I just hold the fire button and move the cursor. And when I am totally ready to shoot I just release the fire button to shoot it. You must try this one too.

Before you try, I should let you know that no settings come handy in the beginning. You have to do a little practice with the new settings.

How to Use AWM in Free Fire: Conclusion:

There are many other strategies to use AWM but you will never find these info anywhere else. Adjusting your cursor with an emoji is going to be a huge advantage. You can point your aim towards a target without getting many difficulties.

The smart trick to shoot with double AWM and clicking reload right after shooting a bullet can really save the huge reloading time of AWM. Also, don’t forget to set up the AWM sensitivity at it max and do a little practice with the new settings. So, that you can perfect it and get more perfect shots on your enemies.

I hope you all like this AWM guide and tips. Please share these ‘pro tips on how to use Awm’ with your friends too.

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