Best English Learning Apps and Games for Kids| 2020

English learning app is a very important thing for the kids in 2020. With the growing demand for Smartphones and other technologies, now it is very easy to teach our kids to speak English properly, because they are very interested in mobile phones and games. 

So, today I am here with some of the best English learning game apps that will help your kid to learn and speak English in a very short amount of time.

We all need a good understanding of the English language and it is best to help our kids with this too. They say, kids are the best learners. So, it is very important that we give them a better chance and also help them with their interests.

Kids are always interested in mobile games and you won’t believe that some mobile game apps perfectly made for learning English. With these mobile game applications, your kids not just only learn Grammar but also they will develop their English Speaking skills.

So, without waiting furthermore, let’s start with our Best English Learning Game Applications that can teach our kids to learn and speak English faster.

learn english with android app

How to Speak English

A proper English language speaking lesson is not that easy. It at least takes a few years to learn English. However, kids are very sharp. They can easily learn whatever they want and learning English from scratch won’t be that tough for the kids.

The answer to how to speak English lies in one thing that is learning. To learn the English language, people must go through several important lessons like learning the English alphabet, Grammar, Sentences, Words, verb, tense and etc, etc.

And this is where we need the English Learning Applications for our kids or any English Beginners out there.

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What is the English Learning Game Applications

The English Learning Apps are mobile application which is very efficient and almost like those ABC books. I would say even better, these applications don’t only give kids English lesions but also keeps their interest in learning by making them play various animation games which are also based on English Education and IQ.

Today I am going to mention about 5 best English Learning Game applications for the kids. These Android apps are the best English learning guide for beginners and they also have many kinds of amazing games and skill test lesions for a better way to learn English for the kids.

5 Best English Learning App for kids

The best Android Applications to teach kids how to speak english. These english teaching apps use creative games, short lessons, and simple test to give your children a better knowledge of basic English.

1. Easy to Learn English with Pictures

Kids are always interested in mobile games. Today’s smart kids are very good with the smartphones and the games that we can find on the play store.

The Easy to Learn English with Pictures is a very efficient Android app that can teach your kids English. It first starts with vocabulary with the help of colorful pictures.

easy english learning app and gamepictures

Free and Offline.

Colorful and Easy UI.

Creative Pictures.

Sessions: Study, Game, and Practice.

Vocabulary and Pronunciation Test.

Many Words and Resource.

Test your skills.

Then the game app uses its voice mode that tech the correct pronunciations too. As a basic English learning app, it only provides resources to the kids under an age range of 4-8 years.

The app has a very easy UI(user interface) for the Kids to use and learn easily. The game, not just only teaches English with two different phases but also it goes through a practice session to perfect kids with the knowledge.

The app has a very easy UI(user interface) for the Kids to use and learn easily. The game, not just only teaches English with two different phases but also it goes through a practice session to perfect kids with the knowledge.

The perfect English guide for the beginners. Kids and others can use this App even if they have 0 knowledge of English.

2. Learn English Vocabulary Words Offline Free

Another English Vocabulary learning android application that is a little more efficient than the previous one. It has more features for your kid to explore. Also, this English Learning app allows you to read and write to make your kid learn English fast.

Best English Learning Apps and Games for Kids| 2020 1

Read and Write Words.

Learn with many Images.

Leaning and Game sessions.

Choose Catagory and Level.

Skill Tests and Practice.

Learn English Vocabulary Words Offline is a free learning app that not only teaches your English but also allows you to write what’s on your mind. 

Your kids can learn and write what they have learned so far. Just choose a picture and write a paragraph and your app will tell you if you have done it wrong.

Hundreds of images to watch and learn. Kids love colorful images, so the game uses some games and photos to practice your kids’ vocabulary.

The offline feature of the app doesn’t need any internet to work. The game app uses two main session Learning and Testing. Learn and Practice your vocabulary with lessons and games. After you can choose the practice sessions to test your skills.

Also, choose from different categories of English vocabulary and also choose different game levels to take your English learning to the next stage.

3. English Kids: English Learning App

English Kids is an advanced English learning app that helps you to learn not only English words and alphabets but also English numbers. The app is very efficient and easy to use the app and it also has many games to keep your kids’ interest on the track.


Alphabets and Vocabulary.

Sentence Learning.

Pre-Math and Numbers.

Addition, Multiplication, and subtraction made easy.

5 different types of Games.

IQ games and tests.

Fast Learning and Easy UI.

The English Kids app can do more than your expectations. This English Learning App is not just only for kids but also for the grownups. 

India has very poor literacy rates and thousands of out there who don’t know English properly. Use the English Kids app to learn Basix AtoZ English.

Also, numbers and maths are very important. Kids are very smart and they can achieve whatever they want. So, we must give them a lite hint of what they need to learn. 

In that case, use English Kids App to give your kids a proper basic math education too.

5 different kinds of games and Iq tests also very handy and keep the interests on the track. Also, they can test the overall skills learned.

Smart Learning App that can make your kids learn and speak English fast. It gives you sentence learning lessons to teach kids to speak English.

With the easy UI, your kids can explore all the features that the app can provide.

4. Learn English from ABC to word reading

A Complete Book to learn English from ABC to word reading and English speaking. This guide is a great app for those who don’t know English at all. 

If your kid already learned basic English and you want to improve his Alphabet writing and pronouncing skills then this will be the best English Learning Game App is for you.

learn english from ABC to numbers

Free and Offline(No Ads).

Learn Alphabet, Words, Sentence.

Play Simple games.

Read and Write practice.

Improve accent and Pronouncing.

Make Words.

Easy UI.

3-4 Age Group.

ABC’s book has never been this easy and Interesting. Now, kids will do all the simple things that they do on their color full books to learn English.

This App can help your kids to master English Alphabet at its best. Very simple and easy UI also assure that every one of them can use the app with no problems.

Book games, handwriting, and Alphabet lesions, just like those primary ABC books but on your tablet or smartphone.

After learning, test your English Skills with many game modes such as Make words, find Alphabets, Read and Write, Listen, and locate the words, etc.

5. Speak English - 5000 Phrases & Sentences

Speak English is an advanced English learning app that has more than 5000 phrases and Sentences to learn. With its great in-app games, kids will learn English with great ease and interest.

speak english with 5000 phases and games

4 different levels.

5000+ phrases.

4 levels and 11 unique games.

Native Voice note for better accent.

60 different language translations.

No Internet, No Ads.

Skill test and Writing test.

Most Interacting UI.

Speak English is never been so advanced. With this Speak English App, kids can get a tough English learning lesson with your smartphone or tablet.

Since the kids are very interested in games, you don’t have to worry about losing interest because this app has 11 different kinds of games.

50+ different languages to translate and native English Accent to learn to pronounce at its best. Also, the app needs no Internet connection and because of that, your kids will not be disturbed with any ads.

After they have learned their lesions, every session has the skill and writing tests. With sweet short games and some tests, it will be very easy to test yourself.

Easy, simple, and eye-catching user interface for the kids to explore even more with their studies.

Best English Learning Apps and Games: Conclusion:

So, here is a list of the top 5 best ever English Learning game applications. These English learning apps are compatible with Android and have no glitches. 

With best user reviews and over 4+ reviews, these are the best Android apps to learn English for kids. So, just download these apps and leave your kids for better knowledge and education.

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