How to Register and Download Free Fire OB21 Advance Server

Once again the Free Fire players are going crazy after the most awaited update OB21 came live on advance servers. Yes, Recently Garena has updated its Free Fire advance server with the OB21 update that was about to come. 

Registered players can now directly login to the advance server page and download the latest OB21 version officially.

But before that, you should remember, the Free Fire advance server can only be downloaded if you are already a registered user.

How to Register and Download Free Fire OB21 Advance Server 1

So, How to register in Free Fire Advance Servers? Not to worry, today I am going to tell you how you can easily register your account into Free Fire Advance Server Registration program and download every latest version of Free Fire including the version OB21 update.

What is Free Fire Advance?

As it sounds, it is an advance program by Garena Free Fire itself. Before every Free Fire update, Garena provides an early version update for testing their upcoming features. It comes available to only some of the specific users who are already registered for the advance server program. They download it differently and check all the features and sends feedback to the Garena team. Isn’t it exciting to try all the new upcoming Free Fire features before everyone else?

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How to Register in Free Fire Advance Server

Last time Free Fire approved only some players for this program but once again they have opened their portal for a new registrar. The advance server registration page is from 20 March to 28 March. The player can directly register into it and download the OB21 advance server officially. Also, you must know that the OB21 Apk will only be available to download from 25 March to 2 April.

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Follow these steps to Register in Free Fire Advance-

  • First of all, go to the Official Page of Free Fire Advance Server Registration.
  • Click on the login Facebook button. It will redirect you to your FB account. Log in to your FB account and accept the permission.
  • After that, a submission form will appear like this one given below.
How to Register and Download Free Fire OB21 Advance Server 2
  • Fill up the form with your Name, Email ID, Phone Number and you are all good to click on the Submit button on the bottom.

Now your account is submitted to be approved. If you have submitted the form in the time period with valid data then you will be able to log in to the OB21 advance sever with this Facebook account in the future.

Now we are going to see how can we download the OB21 Apk. After you have done the registration, it will need just one click to download the OB21 Apk from the official page.

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Download Free Fire OB21 Apk officially

As I have mentioned that the Apk of OB21 update will be available. Players can visit the same link to download Apk file for OB21. Also, remember you will need 833MB to download the OB21 Apk file. Follow these steps to download OB21 Apk officially-

  • First, submit your registration form for Free Fire Advance.
  • Then Go to this Link to Download OB21 Apk.
How to Register and Download Free Fire OB21 Advance Server 3

Final Words: I have given a brief explanation for what is advance sever and how to register for Free Fire Advance Server in March 2020. Also, players can get the direct downloading link for OB21 advance to sever Apk from the above. I hope you all like it and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks!

Also if you want the direct link to download Apk file of OB21. Comment down below. I will upload my Apk for you guys. 

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