Deadly PUBG Mobile: A 25-year-old from Maharashtra died for getting too Excited in game

Once again PUBG Mobile is being proven to be a deadly game. Recently a man from Pune, Maharashtra, India had died for getting too much excited while playing PUBG Mobile. Yes, a 25-year-old young man was taken to hospital and died during the time.
According to the report, Hershal Merman who is a young man of 25 years old is a resident of Shindewadi in Pimpri, Chinchwad. The man was a PUBGM lover and he was very addicted to playing this game. It was a normal day for Hershal Merman when he started enjoying his PUBG Mobile with his friend. He never realized that the game would cause him to die.
During the game, Hershal Mermane suddenly got a Brain Stroke and became in very critical condition. He was taken to the hospital instantly where he died during brain surgery.
According to the doctors, 25-year-old Harshal Merman got too excited during the game and he had savior attacks on his brain. His brain tissues got destroyed and intracerebral bleeding led him to die.

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However, Mermane’s brain stroke is occurred because of PUBG Mobile game is just an assumption. This can be some other reason but the people are accusing the online battleground game recently.
Final words: Death because of PUBG Mobile is not the first time. Several other death cases came to media reports in the early days too. Also, lawyers are protesting to ban this game in the Indian States. So, what do you think about this?

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