Biggest PUBG Mobile Tournament worth $5 Million Prize Pool| Esports 2020

PUBG Mobile game is growing big every year. Also, the demand for PUBG Mobile Esports is becoming a worldwide sensation. Players participating tournaments from all over the world and PUBG Mobile is enjoying this. They kept bringing new tournaments during the past few years. However this time, they are planning something big in 2020. Yes, this will be the Biggest PUBG Mobile tournament based on worldwide, and Tencent Games is giving away $5 Million to the winners of this tournament.
PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Split tournament got completed some days ago. People went crazy during the breathtaking matches of the tournament. But, the moment got more intense when the director of the PUBG Mobile Esports spoke about a new tournament that will begin in 2020 with the biggest prize pool of 5 Million dollars. According to Mr.James Yang, this tournament is going to be the most prestigious ever.
PUBG Mobile Esports: Tencent's $5 million Prize Pool Tournament is coming on 2020
Biggest PUBG Mobile Esports tournament worth $5 Million is coming on 2020

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PUBG Mobile Tournament worth $5 Million Prize Pool| Esports 2020

Several announcements were made during the final day of the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Split tournament. However, this was the end of the year. So, they also gave an idea of the upcoming tournament of 2020, and what is going to happen in it.
First of all, This PUBG Mobile Esports tournament will be based on worldwide, and it is going to be big. Also, PUBG Mobile will be giving $5M to its winners. After the announcements of some additional information, Director of PUBG Mobile Esports came and gave a brief description of this biggest tournament of 2020. According to him, the registration of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 World League will open in January 2020. He also talked about the structure of this tournament.
Biggest PUBG Mobile Esports tournament of $5 Million Prize is coming on 2020
First, the World League tournament will be going on alongside with the other tournaments like PMCO and Pro League. PMCO 2020 will begin as country-wise and after that, winners will advance to the Regional Pro League tournaments. Those who will be proven worthy in the matches will be participating on the PMCO World League 2020, and the winners will get the fame of the most prestigious world league tournament along with the $5M prize money.

Additionally, PUBG mobile also announced that Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia will also be included in the Southeast Asia Region. The pro league of South Aisa and America were also made official during the announcement.

Words: Get yourself ready for this amazing tournament. No doubt this is going to be big. For the very first time, the PUBG Mobile esports tournament is going to be worldwide. As i already mentioned, the registration date will open in January. So, Don’t miss the chance.

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