Android Game For Girls: 10 Entertaining Girl Games on Play Store

Barbie Games are very popular among girls. Not only kids but also grownups like these games. So, are you looking for some cool and free girly games to play on your smartphones? If yes, then today I will be showing you some of the best and free Android game for girls based on Barbie Doll, love stories, cooking, baking, and more.

There are many girl games on play store to choose from but most of us don’t know which are the better ones. There are also many apps and games on the play store which just suck. Very poor and low-quality games not just only waste our data but also we lose our precious time. So, I am your android game guide going to show you some of my best choices so that you don’t have to be looking around wasting your time. So, here we are with our 10 best game for girls to play on Android mobile phones.

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10 Free Android Game for Girls on Google Play Store

In this 10 free girl game list, you will see games under different categories. Barbie Games and other games that are favourite of girls and children. It can be a cooking game or a dress up games. Also, some of them based on an adventure while some others are made for IQ. So, read the description and details carefully and choose your best game for girls to play on your mobile.

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1. Rich Girl Shopping Mobile

So, let’s start with a barbie’s favourite thing. Almost every girl likes to be rich. Their only dream for the money is to buy whatever they want. So, If it is not in real life. Now, you can experience these games on your mobile. Rich Girl Shopping is a very popular game among the girl. You can do a lot more than you are doing in your real-life.

Rich Girl Shopping Mobile​Rich Girl Shopping game for Mobile​

It is like a dream come true for the girls who always wanted to become rich and do shoppings from all over the world. You can buy, dress up, makeup, take a world tour, buy food, hang out with friends, and much more.

Also, buy anything with the game cash or Credit card. It is all free and easy to play. All you need to do is buy all the items you want and try. If you like it just go to the register and pay. It is a game for all age groups.

Go with your boyfriend, or bestie doesn’t matter, you will enjoy it even with your sister. Unlimited shops and unlimited items to buy is the best thing in this game.

2. Hannah's High School Crush| Android Game for Girls

A beautiful love story depends on you now. Hannah’s High School Crush is a very cute love story game that will make you do a lot more cool things. If you are thinking that this is going to end soon then this is a must-try game for girls.

Hannah's High School Crush| Android Game for Girls​

Hannah’s High School Crush is not just a story game for kids. A full grown-up is also going to get a hard interest throughout the game.

Play Dressup session, do makeup for Hannah for her date, visit saloon, do a shampoo, take care of her nails, visit shops, buy stuff, go to school and much more to do in the game. However, it just not only limited to Hannah.

With the story goes on, you not only have to take care of Hannah but also his new boyfriend. Since Hannah is not a caring girl, she must handle her crush too. Make him look good, design his car, go out, give him good times until you two get a happy life forever after. Good Luck with your story. Download the game now!

3. Real Cake Maker By CoCo for girls and kids

Girls also love baking. Most of the girls’ dream is to bake some of the best cakes and serve them. Are you a cake lover too? Then check this Real Cake Maker by COCO. A very original 3D cake baking game that will leave you thrilled. So, let’s crack some eggs and get your mixer ready.

Real Cake Maker By CoCo for girls and kids

This game is not only for baking cakes. This realistic game also helps you to learn how to bake a cake properly and some other basic baking eduction will also come to you handy.

With tons of cake recipe, this Android mobile game comes with many other features. Use professional baking tools, learn to decorate, choose the best ingredients, go shopping, serve your cake, and get your point to go to the next level.

There are also many different kinds of occasions to perform like princess parties, birthdays, and anniversary. You can be the best baker in the town with this best caking baking mobile game.

4. Princess Make up Salon| Makeup game for girls

Princess Makeup Salon is a very good makeup game for girls. It is exclusively available on android. You can get many Indian bridal characters and help them with their makeup. Get them ready for the wedding and you win the game.

princess make up salon| makeup game for girls

A very sweet simple game for girls, Princess Makeup Saloon comes with many different features such as choose a beautiful girl character, do her shampoo, make-over, hair stream facial spa, and more.

Also, you get to choose her cosmetics, and decorative items too. After you all done with her cute little face, dress her for the best. You can also click her photos by choosing different backgrounds and share them with your friends online. This one game is never going to bore you. Princess Makeup is for kids but also grownups find it very interesting too.

5. Little Fashion Tailor 2 - Fun Sewing Game for Girls

Another free to play tailor game. The Little Fashion Tailor 2 is a very special game for girls that is also very entertaining because you can do sewing, making clothes, design them. Also, make your collection and show it off with your friends.

Android Game For Girls: 10 Entertaining Girl Games on Play Store 1

In the new recent update, the game has added new fabric from the world trend which girls are going to enjoy very much.

New Gems, New buttons, and other things related to making cloths have also been added to the game for more creativity and entertainment.

The game also has a feature that gives you an order for the supermodel. You have to satisfy your supermodel by designing their clothes. Design their cloth well and you are going to be super famous too.

Amazing graphics, and very detailed information. You can even look at the tiny change in your cloth. It is a very useful game after all. Download and play. Design beautiful cloths, take a screenshot and share it with your family and friends.

6. Cotton Candy Shop: Candy Making Game for Android

The best job for a kid or girl is to become a manager of the biggest Cotton Candy Shop of the City. This Cotton Candy making game is full of cool features and many other fun things that a little girl want to do in real life.

Cotton Candy Shop has a huge collection of tasty ingredients. Choose from a lot of sweets and candy s to decorate your cotton candy.

Android Game For Girls: 10 Entertaining Girl Games on Play Store 2

Use the big machine to make your own cotton candy and resize it in many shapes and sizes. Also, the machine will help you DIY your cotton candy to look beautiful.

Sell your candies. Satisfy your customers to boost your income. You shop will continue growing every day. More customers will come to your shop to buy your sweetest cotton candy of the town.

7. Unicorn Food - Rainbow Glitter Food & Fashion

A food fashion game. This Free Android game has every that a girl is going to like. Make a beautiful cake or just a milkshake. Everything is going to become very colorful unicorn food. You will not only cook delicious food but also this game is going to help you to design your food in its best way possible.

Android Game For Girls: 10 Entertaining Girl Games on Play Store 3

Ashley is a chef which is your character in the game. She loves to bake cakes and make other food just as much as she likes her dressing. But everything has to be a unicorn design.

Choose from hundreds of vibrant colors and make them design her own clothes. Also, choose many candy and colorful sweets to design your cake and other foods to satisfy customers. If your girl loves unicorn then this game is going to be one of the best android games for girls.

8. Baking Cupcakes 7

Another very interesting cooking game for baking and decorating beautiful cupcakes. Many girls always love making cupcakes at home. So, here is a very good android game for girls that not only allows to bake cupcake but also you can learn and try your own style in it.

A game where you face challenges with different levels of cupcake making and decorating. Complete the challenges to go to a higher level.

Android Game For Girls: 10 Entertaining Girl Games on Play Store 4

A very unique experience of the baking process and very good decorating features. You can also use freestyle baking to try your own creations.

Animated objects that you can handle all on your own. Very cute music and amazing animation that is going make you fall in love with the game.

Lots of toppings, decorations, and flavors to choose from. Vibrant color and very eyecatching kitchen to handle all the works and challenges. Also, there is a story to complete in the game. So what are you waiting for? Download Now.

9. My Baby Care| Cute Girly Game

Your own kid to school at home. My Baby Care is a game where you play the role of the manager in a kinder garden school. Operate the whole school and take care of the sweet naughty babies. Parents are busy, now it is your work to play, feed, and change napkins of the few babies you have in your school.

Android Game For Girls: 10 Entertaining Girl Games on Play Store 5

Grow your school more by playing the game more. It will increase your experience level and you will get even more challenges for the baby.

There are many different kinds of foods and toys as of the baby’s interest. Play with them with the toys and bring even more toys from the game market.

Make simple baby food and feed them from time to time. And when they pooped, change their napkins too. Make them happy and playful to gain even more rewards and exp.

Also, there is a whole shop of trendy baby cloth. Bring cute clothes and make your babies look good and bring more attention to the babies. Download this android game for girls. They will surely like taking care of cute babies.

10. Prom Queen Dress Up Game for Android

This is a story game just made for the girls. Prom Queen Dress Up is a Girl game just like Hannah. But with a little different touch of the game style. You will need to take care of your college girl character in every possible way.

Do her shopping, decorate her with beautiful clothes, and also play her college story to the Queen. At last, she does all the struggle and participates in the college fashion show. And you are the who is going to make her win the competition and make her the Winner.

Prom Queen Dress Up Game for Android

Pick a trendy outfit for each doll, select accessories, and a glam hairstyle from a huge wardrobe. There are over 150 items in the game, without any locks or in-app purchases. Whatever you do is free in this Android girl game called Prom Queen Dress Up.

Girl Games: Conclusion:

Final Words: So, here are to top 10 Girl Games on Google Play store. Download these best Android games for girls for free and play on your android for lots and lots of entertainment. These games are small in size and very compatible with even normal phones. So, choose your girly game now. There are many categories that are here on this list to choose from.

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