Area F2 Early Access is now Available to Download for Android and iOS

Love FPS games? Area F2 is a brand new FPS Mobile game. Qookka Games is the developer of this very fine game announced its official beta version on a few days ago, and now an early access version is available to download from Google Play Store and App Store.

The game has already received its pre-registration after the beta version was launched and it is presently going under a lot of discussions. Area F2 has a lot of new features and fun to play things with a high level of graphics already. The game has already received a lot of download requests for the Android version throughout the globe.

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Area F2 Game Details(Early Access)

Area F2 basically a mobile FPS game where a team of 5 fights with the enemy team of 5. It is perfect or we can say the better alternatives to the TDM matches of PUBG.

The beta version of this game was released on 16th April and after the pre-registration session now the game is available Play Store. Presently, the game is in the early access version which means, several updates are yet to come.

However, the game is already taking a lot of people in. For, now it is basically a single map game. There is a building to defend. One team will attack and the other team will defend the building.

In Area F2 you can do a lot more than the TDM we have in PUBG or COD. Apart from shooting, players can climb, build cover, destroy the walls and even set up traps for the enemy.

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Gamers Point Info

The main challenge of this game is to fight the uniqueness of every single character and beat it. Every character of the team has a special and unique ability and everyone have to face it. There are a total of 20 unique players to choose and each of them has different types of weapons and gadgets. It depends on you, in which character you like a pro.


  • 20 Different Agents
  • Different Skills and Gadgets
  • Best Graphics
  • Destructible Walls
  • Deploy Drones and Intelligence Gadgets
  • Climb Building, Use hooks
  • Defend Territory


  • Game Data- 768 MB
  • RAM Needed- 2GB or above
  • Internal Storage- 16GG or above
  • Android Version- Android Pie 9.0 or above.
  • Extra apps: Ping Reducer and RAM Cleaner.

Final words: Gamer’s always should always try new games. As I am addicted to FPS games. So, this one i find very much interesting with a very good concept. However, it doesn’t have much to explore as the Area F2 is very much new.

But, I think Area F2 is a great game and will be compared with others in the future. Go get the Area F2 Early Access version and play with your other friends and let them know that a new PUBG Alternatives is now in the market.

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